The amazing Beauty of Singkarak Indonesia

In the second lap of the Tour de Singakarak on Tuesday, 5th June, which started at Muara Sinjunjung and finished at the cooling waterfalls in the Harau valley, it was Hsiao Shin Hsin from the Action Cycling Team, Taipei, who succeeded as the fastest racer, clocking in 3 hours 8 minutes 43 seconds covering the 124.5 km distance. In second place came Edmondson Alexander of the Australian National Team, at equal time, with third position held by Alexander Smyth from Plan B Australia also at equal time. This was a thrilling neck and neck sprint to win the top position as the fastest racer especially during the final 300 meters.

Nevertheless, Overall Best performer was still kept by Mazakasu Ito of Japan, who again took the yellow jersey. Winner of the uphill race was Julien Liponee from the French Reine Blanche team. While the Red and White Jersey was won by Dadi Surdadi from Putra Perjuangan Bandung.
The Harau valley, also dubbed Indonesia’s Yosemite park, with steep granite cliffs, rushing waterfalls interspersed with green rice fields was truly a welcoming sight for both cyclists and photographers.
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