Elevator-cool elevator in the world

The following are some examples of elevator unique and different from usual. You felt it was never boarded an elevator that is unique? See this one first:

1. The Gateway Arch of St. Louis (USA)
-The Gateway Arch of Saint Louis-
Gateway is a famous tourist attraction in Missouri and thousands of tourists visit it every month. Gate in the elevator compartment has a five-egg berbentukseperti unique that will bring visitors to the top of the gate for 4 minutes
-Pemandangan Missouri dari atas Gateway-

-Gateway beserta kota Missoury di malam hari-

2. Lift Santa Justa (Portugal)
-Lift Santa Justa, Lisabon-
Elevator was built in 1902 and driven by steam engines. This elevator we can meet when visiting the Santa Justa Road, Lisbon, Portugal.

The interior of Santa Justa Elevator

The view from the upper Missouri-Gateway

Santa Justa Elevator in the night

3. Elevator Hammetschwand (Swiss)
-Elevator Hammetschwand-

Elevator Elevator Hammetschwand Hammetschwand or located in Switzerland. These elevators can transport passengers to the highest point plateau and Lake Burgenstodck Lucerna in a minute. Hammetschwand built in 1872, located at an altitude of 153 meters from the ground, and is a famous tourist attraction in Switzerland.

Various views on Hammetschwand

Elevator entrance

Hammetschwand from above

4. Elevator Lacerda (Brazil)

 -Elevator Lacerda, Salvador-

Monuments in the front yard building elevator
Elevator is located in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, and each passenger must pay $ 0.05 for the ride. Lacerda elevator is one of the busiest in the world. Every day about 30,000 people use this elevator.
Beach view from the top of the elevator

Lacerda Elevator at night

5. Taipei 101 (Taiwan)
Taipei 101 building

Comparison of High Taipei 101 with tall buildings in the world

Taipei 101 is one of the tallest buildings in the world and in it also comes with one of the world's fastest elevator. The building has 101 floors and each floor connected by an elevator that rockets can move up to 3.314 floors per minute.
Display bookmarks panel in the elevator

Taipei night views from the top of Taipei 101

Taipei 101 at night
6. Elevator Bailong (China)
-Bailong Elevator-

-Bailong Elevator-

Elevator was established with high 326 yards and local communities claim that this elevator is the heaviest and highest outdoor elevator in the world. Elevators are located in Zhangjiajie, China and placed on a hillside Zhangjiajie.
-Elevator di Bailong-

The view from inside the elevator

Scenery in Zhangjiajie

7. Elevator Louvre (Prancis)
-Museum Louvre-

Elevator Louvre is considered one of the world's most amazing elevator since the elevator was put into use by the public. Only with a button, this elevator will move upwards or downwards. Louvre elevator was installed in the Louvre Museum, Paris, and became one of the attractions of this museum.
Elevators in the middle of a circular staircase

Visitors climb the elevator in the Louvre

Louvre at night

8. Menara Eiffel (France)
Eiffel Tower, Paris

Eiffel Tower has a dual elevator on each foot tower, but only 3 double elevator that can be used by the general public. In the process of installation of an elevator is very difficult because the structure of a curved building the Eiffel tower and complex.
It appears from the outside elevator Eiffel

appear in the elevator

The view of Paris from the top of the Eiffel

9. Hotel Luxor, Las Vegas, Nevada

-Hotel Luxor di Las Vegas-

Luxor Hotel and elevator-in tilt-pillar

Hotel Luxor has a very interesting elevator called Inclined Elevator. This elevator has a slope of 39 degrees and the peak point at the edge of the pyramid elevatornya.
Elevators in the pillar tilt

Luxor Hotel at night

10. Oregon City Municipal Elevator, Oregon
-Oregon City Municipal Elevator-

The entrance-Elevator

There are only four municipal elevators in the world this way and that is famous as the only outdoor municipal elevator in the United States. This elevator is a vertical bridge that connects two neighboring areas in the city of Oregon. Built in 1915 and in the past, the elevator is driven by the water. Elevator was updated in 1955 and since then, the elevator has been more comfortable and faster.
The inside of the balcony in the elevator
The view from the balcony
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