Most Dangerous Places and the State

1.Snake Island
Off the coast of Brazil, south of São Paulo, is an island called Ilha de Queimada Grande (Snake Island). The island is untouched by humans, and for very good reasons. The researchers estimate that the island's life between 1-5 snakes per square meter. That number may not be so terrible if the snake was, say, 2 inches in length and are not venomous. The problem, Snakes on Queimada Grande is a species of pit viper, lancehead gold. Lancehead snakes are responsible for 90% of deaths in Brazil is derived from snake bites. Worse, Lancehead yangmenempati Island gold snake grows to more than half a meter in length, and they have a powerful poison which can melt flesh around the bite them. This place is so dangerous to the required permission from local authorities to visit the island.

2. Mountain Merapi, Indonesia
This famous mountain had caused 1000 lives lost in 1930. The number of casualties caused by local residents who are too daring to inhabit the land until the distance is too close to the Merapi.

3. Haiti's Perfect Storms, Gonaïves, Haiti
This place is a lot of storms that is overwritten include storm Gustav, Hurricane Hanna and Hurricane Ike. When storms attack has subsided, the city was practically destroyed until the lost brought to the sea.

4.African Lake of Death,  Kivu Lake, Republik Democratik Kongo/Rwanda
Lake Kivu is a large lake in Africa. Deep in the bottom of the lake is 2700 square miles in size, there are 2.3 billion cubic feet of methane gas, as well as 60 cubic miles of carbon dioxide is trapped between the bottom of the lake under the pressure of water and earth. When the contents of the eruption, it can be killed 2 million people around Lake Kivu.

5. The Ephemeral Isles, The Maldives
In the Maldives there are more than 1,190 islands in the Indian Ocean and datol. The highest point in the island nation is not more than 6 feet. And some areas are often submerged when the tide occurred.

6.The Zone of Aleniation
Zone of Alienation is a remote area located about 19 km from the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster area and has a special administration under the Ministry that handles the emergency situation in Ukraine. Thousands of residents refused to be evacuated from the zone illegally ketersaingan this and go back there. About half of these illegal migrants living in the city of Chernobyl others scattered in villages throughout the zone. Because of looting, in this place a lot of aggressive police - so be careful, if you come here, you may be dead shot or exposed to nuclear radiation.

7. Mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan
Mud volcanoes in Ajerbaizan is not the same as ordinary volcano. Every twenty years or more, the mud volcano exploded with great force, shooting flames hundreds of feet into the sky, and spilling several tonnes of mud in the surrounding area. In an explosion, fire can easily be seen from 15 kilometers away, and still burning.

8. Yungas Streets
North Yungas Road is 69 km long highway linking La Paz and Coroico. The road is legendary because it has been estimated to kill about 200-300 tourists per year. This is one of the few routes that connects the Amazon tropical rain forest areas, to the provincial capital. which makes this street is the extreme position of the road which is located 600 meters from the mainland, a very narrow line width to pass - most of the roads no wider than 3.2 meters and a lack of rail protector. Furthermore, rain, fog and dust can create visibility is reduced. In many parts, the road surface muddy, and landslides occurred.

9. Ramree Island

Ramree Island in Burma is a large swamp which is home to about 1000 saltwater crocodiles, the most deadly in the world. Also home to mosquitoes, and poisonous scorpions. During the Second World War, this island is the location of the battle for six weeks in the Burma campaign. Here is a picture of one terrible night: "That night [February 19, 1945] is the most terrifying night ever experienced by members of the crew of the war. A shot gun is scattered in the swamp of darkness replaced by the screams of the wounded were destroyed in jaws of giant reptiles, and a voice that was swimming alligator looking for prey makes a very clear picture of hell in our lives. Of about 1,000 Japanese soldiers that entered the swamps Ramree, only about 20 have been found alive. "

10.Asbestos Mine
Asbestos is a series of six silicate minerals naturally very terkanal compatible with fire and resistance to the sound absorption capability. On the downside, this mineral causes cancer and other diseases. This is very dangerous to the European Union has banned all mining and use of asbestos in Europe. In Canada in Thetford Mines, you can visit a very large hole in the asbestos open pit mine is still fully operational. Free tickets (already dangerous period still have to pay anyway?). If you decide to visit, janganlupa fill your body with complete bio-hazard suit.

11.Alnwick Poison Garden
Alnwick Garden is a garden plant that is fully filled by a poisonous plant that can kill. Many of the plants that grow due to a strange experiment - a strange and terrible in the back garden, some plants grow in the remote English countryside, and many more varieties yangtidak commonly seen outside. The Alnwick Garden has a licensed Home Office to grow plants that are very special and that is illegal, marijuana and cocaine found behind bars in a giant cage - for obvious reasons of course (for drug addicts are not necessarily picked at random.

12. The Door to Hell
While carrying out drilling in Turkmenistan Derweze in 1971, geologists accidentally found an underground cavern filled with natural gas. To avoid the disposal of toxic gases, the scientists decided to burn the hole. Geologists hope the fire will be extinguished within a few days but the fire still not stopped since. Locals have named this place the cave door to Hell.

13. Pulau Izu
Izu Islands are a group of volcanic islands that lie south and east of the Izu Peninsula in Honshu, Japan. Izu Islands continually filled with the smell of sulfur. Residents were evacuated from the islands in 1953 and 2000 due to volcanic activity and dangerous threat from high levels of sulfur gases. The men finally return in 2005, but now needed to carry gas masks at all times to prevent the gas level rises unexpectedly. Gara - because that's the population on this island to be like the devil all.

14.Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Great Pacific Garbage Patch, or commonly referred to as the Pacific Trash Vortex, a collection of marine trash in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean. Pools of marine trash is filled by the concentration of highly toxic materials of plastics, chemical sludge and other waste that has been trapped by the North Pacific current. Most of the contents deposited below sea level. This is not where the average normal human being would like to visit.

15.The Cold Pole,Verkhoyansk, Russia
Located on 3,000 miles timurdari directions to Moscow, in the interior of Siberia. Called Cold Pole because from September to March the city will only get exposure to sunlight for less than 5 hours and in December and January, there is no sunlight at all. Temperatures in winter range between minus 60 and minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit

16. Irak
No matter whether you are George Bush, Pele or Chuck Norris - you will never be safe in Iraq. Although the country is rich in oil reserves, but Iraq is a devastated country where synonymous with violence, despair and confusion. Since 2003, the United States is occupying Iraq and lead to civil war victims who request more than 650 000 civilians. Al-Qaeda, Sunni insurgents, Shiite security forces, Kurdish rebels, U.S. troops, the Turkish army and the criminals involved in the cycle of violence which, unfortunately, will not subside quickly each time. Improvised mines / Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFPs) and minefields are constant threats, like the suicide bombers who have killed hundreds of people.
Kidnappings and random killings were reported by almost a mind numbing frequency.
Since 2003, 2 million Iraqis have fled to neighboring countries and 1.9 million others remain in Iraq with eviction from their homes. Spent uranium is used as the round to penetrate the armor will poison Iraqi civilians and U.S. mechanic for several decades. Really, this is hell on earth.

17. Colombia
Kidnapping is a major problem in Colombia. At least there have been 2338 cases of kidnapping in Colombia in 1998. And 138 of them have been killed by his captors. Ranked 4th in the world as a "killer country" with a total of murders reached 696 800 cases in 2006. The main target of the killers were the mayor, dozens of them are killed every year. And of course, who can forget the cocaine? Colombia supplies 75% of the world's cocaine supply and thanks to Pablo Escobar and the Cali Cartel, paramilitary groups that have been fighting the government in a bloody conflict with no end.
In 2005, Catholic missionaries killed 5 people, down from 9 in 1999. Beach beautiful and rugged mountains in Colombia should make it a paradise for tourists, but maybe this place could become the most dangerous place to visit.

18. Sudan
Despair, death and destruction is a "symbol" of the Sudanese state. Terrorism is the main problem of this nation, which already controlled by the Islamic military regime since independence. Some famous killer the world has set foot in Sudan. They perform an action with a car bombing, rocket launching and mass slaughter. Violence rife in the Darfur region between government-ups pemback militias, government forces and local rebel groups. Sudan also has menyebabkani open warfare with Chad that relates to the Darfur conflict. Since 2003, 230,000 people displaced Sudanese have fled into eastern Chad from Darfur. More than two million people died in two civil wars that occurred during the last 50 years. With the dismal condition gurunnya, Sudan is one of the ugliest places on the planet.

19. Somalia
Somalia is a country whose governments fail to result from anarkinya, corruption, lack of government, and famine. The tourists are warned not to enter Somalia, which declared themselves his "Republic of Somaliland Independence" or sailing near the "Horn of Africa". Pirate oversee these waters are equipped with AK-47 and will seize and detain barang2 you to be a ransom. A fight between the tribe had requested thousand inhabitants in the north of Somalia. While in the capital, Mogadishu fought over by many tribes and warlords.
Ethiopia had attacked Islamiah soldiers in Somalia in late 2006, and caused hundreds of deaths and thousands of evictees. If you are really forced into this area, make sure your insurance is still valid.

20. Afghanistan
This country for hundreds of years, become one of the areas of the world's most strategic and contested by many parties. Though this country including the poor countries, it is difficult to grow, and have economic and political situation was unstable. At the time of the Soviet Union invaded the region, Russian Red Army planted more than 12 million landmines in Afghanistan. Hundreds of people were killed, torn apart, and paralyzed by a mine explosion installed. After the Soviet Union came to the Taliban, the Taliban claimed control women banned from work and university. In 2001, the United States topple the Taliban. But the hold-up, competitive rates and the use of illegal drugs are rife depict violence has caused this country to become unstable. Suicide bombing is a constant threat, and no one in Afghanistan is safe. Attack of the most deadly suicide occurred in the province of Baghlan in November 2007, which killed more than 70 people. In addition, Afghanistan also includes the largest supplier of cannabis and opium in the world.

21. Antartica
When murder, rape and robbery may not be a big problem in parts of the world, it is different with the natural conditions here are very unfriendly. Antarctica is home to some extreme weather conditions, with the mercury regularly falling below -60 degrees Celsius (-100F) and winds blowing more than 100km per hour. If you are naked in this weather for more than an hour, you're definitely going to die. Antarctica has no hospital, no food to eat and if you lose, there's not much hope. But at least there is a McDonalds at the Scott Base shop if you managed to find it.

22. Burundi
Here is a small, but densely populated poor countries have a huge problem. The civil war between Hutus and interest rates Tutsis dismember this country between 1993 to 2006. Senjatapun cease-launched but most carried the food supply failed. Mass murder and chaos to compete with environmental problems as the biggest headache for the people of Burundi. Extensive lists of the murdered leader, and control the nation have often changed hands since the last 50 years. Crimes committed by gang travel and armed children is a threat to visitors. Mugging, car hijacking and kidnapping menngintai at any time, therefore you are advised not to stop the car to buy souvenirs-eye. When you are injured or diciderai in Burundi, you may need to have medical techniques, because there are not many local clinics have sufficient resources to help you.

23.South Africa
This country once known as the "Capital of rape in the world. " Although cases of rape have seen tend to drop to 113,700 in 2004, but back up in 2005 reached the number 118 300 cases. Other Statistics for South Africa show the gruesome murder case of a high rate. Host the World Cup 2010 was being constantly in the top five list negara2 the highest murder rates. Most crimes occur poor areas. Farming in South Africa has become one of the most dangerous profession in the world. Murder rate for farmers is 313,000 - about 8 times the average national homicide rate. And everywhere, ***** can be very dangerous in South Africa, where more than 10 million people are HIV infected.

24. Brazil
If you want to travel to Brazil, it does not matter whether you will be robbed, but the problem is only time! Social inequalities still continue to increase in addition to incredible wealth in countries that are having economic growth continues to climb this. But with the increased prosperity, the crime rate also jumped the bandwagon. Crime in the streets continues to run rampant in parts of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, and many victims are left unharmed, they bring broken bottle to hit to your neck because you wear the bracelet. The incidence of "rapidly kidnapping" flourished in big cities. They forced the victim to menambil money at an ATM for ransom. If the victim can not pay, they can call their parents or their families at home. In addition to crime in the streets, organized criminal groups fighting the police and other public institutions that can not be bribed. Unrest in the brutal prison became increasingly, drug trafficking and narco-terrorism haunt the civilian population. And if you survived the whole disaster - the piranhas aremenunggu anda.

25. Rusia
In Russia, there are more gangsters than police. The Russians were killed every 18 minute, and on average 84 murders a day of the toal population of 143 million inhabitants. Center for Russian crime in the Republic of Chechnya, Russia's regions in the north Georgia precisely. Prostitution, drug trafficking, and underground restaurant arbitrarily controlled by the people of Chechnya. Foreigners kidnapped more often due to a higher ransom. Other criminal acts: theft of wallets, cell phones, cameras, money, and physical assault. From Super-Power countries to third world countries wondered whether communism is really a cure for Russia.
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