Enjoy the beauty of the Old City Turkey

Once upon a time there is no harm you're on holiday abroad with family, friends, or people dear. Turkey may become an alternative tourist destination. Starting from the tourist beaches, ancient buildings, to the relics of high historical value. In other words, every region in Turkey has a distinct uniqueness.
Aphrodisias for example, one of the old city in Turkey was a relic known as the Hellenistic era, the holy city. Because the city has a shrine for the offering goddess Aphrodite or the Goddess of Beauty.

In Aphrodias also have a building where the gladiators fought. Each local men clashing maintain self-esteem and showed the strongest to the goddess. The battle around 30,000 spectators who witnessed it will stop when a gladiator was killed at the hands of his opponent.
Other exotic city is Herapolis which is a holy city relics of Roman times to the second century BC. In this city of temples are standing firm that built the Romans. In addition, visitors can watch dozens of sarcophagi and nekropolis. Both a coffin made ​​of stone. Herapolis known to also have a theater building and philosophical schools.

Areas that are not less interesting in Turkey is the province of Denizli, which means sea. This province is known as the largest cotton producer that founded the textile factory. In this place there is a hill called Pamukale. Hill is white like cotton which is origin of the word Pamukale. Pamukale favorite tourist attraction is the hot spring. The water contains calcium and minerals which are very high that is believed to cure rheumatism.
Visiting Turkey, do not complete if it did not stop in Antalia Province. This region is rich with beautiful beaches. In fact, in this province there is a waterfall directly into the sea. Beautiful scenery around the waterfall you can for a moment forget the fatigue.
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