11 Romantic Places of Interest in Indonesia was

1.  Bintan Island, Riau

Bintan Island is located in Riau Islands Province, the atmosphere on the island is truly enchanting, natural beauty of one of them. Gleaming white sand, blue water, and thick pepohonaan is the combination that makes this island so beautiful. In this island there are many resorts available that can be rented for honeymoon, private beach, dive tourism, and culinary tourism can be an alternative during their honeymoon.

2. Kaliurang, Yogyakarta

Ground is 28 kilometers north from the city center, exactly in the hamlet of Kaliurang, Hargobinangun, Pakem, Sleman. Ground has now become an area of ​​natural and cultural attractions that lure. Kaliurang is suitable as a place to honeymoon. The cool weather and natural background with a gurgling mountain stream really make a very romantic honeymoon.

3.  Senggigi Beach, Lombok

This beach is located on the west coast of Lombok, asrinya atmosphere and dazzling underwater scenery nan. The waves are not too big hand and calm, of course, will add romance honeymoon.

4.  Moyo Island, West Nusa Tenggara

If you want to really feel the world belong to both, there's no harm in choosing Moyo Island in West Nusa Tenggara, as a honeymoon. The terrain is still quiet and authentic, but fear not there is no facility. There was a cottage-cottage which provides various facilities. In addition to the white sand, coral reefs there are also complete with colorful marine fish. Not to forget the waterfalls and natural pools.

5. Ubud Development, Bali

The village is famous for its culture and natural beauty. Here, you and your partner will feel the peace of body and soul by looking at the scenery of green mountains and beautiful terraced rice fields. The village is also believedgive a million inspirations.

6. Bunaken, Manado, Sulawesi Utara

Pulau Bunaken Marine Park there are exotic. This marine park is one of the sea that has the highest marine biodiversity in the world. The location is very strategic resort with beautiful scenery of Bunaken. There is no harm in it, after beromantis-romantisan with a partner, then the underwater beauty of Bunaken mengeklsporasi by snorkeling?

7. Kampung Sampireun, Garut, West Java

The village is located in Ciparay Sampireun, Sukakarya village, Garut, West Java. Sampireun Village offers all the simplicity as well as comfort facilities you need for your honeymoon Anda.Jika want to feel the atmosphere of a typical Sundanese village, complete with a bale-bale, cuisine Sundanese, Sundanese music, then the Village could be a choice place Sampireun honeymoon. Beautiful scenery and peaceful environment, clean and fresh air that makes this resort the perfect place for honeymoon couples.

8.  Belitung Island

Belitung Island is dominated coast with beautiful panoramic views, crystal clear water and white sand along the coast. Number of bays with calm waters make this place suitable for honeymoon couples who love water sports. Stunning scenery on the island of Belitung, perhaps can not be found on other islands, this is the privilege of this island, attract to be a place for a romantic honeymoon.

9. Tanjung Lesung, Banten

Dimples promontory located on the west coast of the Sunda Strait region, precisely in the village of Tanjung Jaya, Pandeglang, Banten. The resort can be an alternative to your honeymoon destination with a beloved partner, applied for 3.5 hours from the capital Jakarta via Pandeglang. The atmosphere here is so alluring with its charming beauty of blue sea and white sand are spread widely. Enjoy the beauty of the sea is so beautiful and very clear sea water so that it can be seen the fish that swim through the coral-reef. Various water sports activities there are here, such as Banana Boat, Jet Ski, to the adventurous search for Mount Krakatau.

10.  Umang Island, Banten

Pulau Umang located in the District of Wells, Pandeglang, Banten. This place is suitable to run away from the noise of the city and enjoy the beautiful moments honeymoon. On this island, there is a resort that is set up with an artistic touch of nature, beauty of the sea, surrounded by mountains increasingly add to the romantic atmosphere during their honeymoon.

11.  Takabonerate  Island

Takabonerate Selayar District, South Sulawesi, will be prepared as an international tourist destination with the agenda of the implementation of annual programs of international tourism. Takabonerate nautical tourism which is the third most beautiful marine park of the world who have millions of marine life is protected.
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