7 Most Beautiful and Fascinating Aquarium World

  • Dubai aquarium di Dubai Mall

Stingrays (ray fish) was swimming in the aquarium in Dubai Mall Dubai. Has the area equal to 50 X ball field. The Dubai Aquarium - spacious, entertaining, and perfectly designed. Consists of three decks and the glass tunnel that shows keeksotisan life underwater.

  • Aquarium Georgia, Atlanta

The world's largest aquarium, located in Atlanta. A stunning home for lenih than 100,000 animals and 500 different marine species. With a capacity of 8.1 million gallons (31,000 ) of fresh seawater reply.

  • Aquarium Churaumi, Okinawa

World's Second Largest Aquarium, Churaumi Aquarium, part of the Ocean Expo Commemorative National Government Park, located in Motobu, Okinawa, Japan. Capacity of 7500 (1,981,290) of sea water. One of the few places where visitors can see the amazing variety of sea creatures such as giant sharks.

  • The Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA)

AQWA, a world of underwater adventure that is difficult to believe that there is in Western Australia. "of cold water to the south seas tropical paradise containing rocks and coral reefs in the North.
AQWA is the aquarium which was officially opened as the World Underwater (Underwater World) Perth on 13 April 1988 and was acquired today by the new owner, Coral World International and Morris Kahn, in 1991. Later changed its name to the present (AQWA) on January 1, 2001. These facilities have to accommodate approximately 400 species of marine animals.

  • UShaka Marine World

Africa's largest aquarium - UShaka Marine World, located along the plains between the border and coastal settlements in Durban harbor. KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa; a charming amusement park and in addition also as the 5th largest aquarium with 32 tanks of water. Marine animals which can be found from the tiny seahorses to sharks and dolphins. Akurium is intentionally designed to look like part of the sinking ship cabin.

  • AquaDom, Radisson Hotel Aquarium

Construction The AquaDom was inaugurated in December 2003 and cost an estimated 12.8 million Euros. Acrylic glass cylinder was built by U.S. companies, Reynolds Polymer Technology.
Outer cylinder was assembled on site from four pieces; cylinder part in a lift is made in one piece. The acrylic glass cylinder Aquadom is the largest in the world, with a diameter of more than 11 meters long and built on the foundation as high as 9 meters.

  • Akuarium Virtual 32 Juta Dollar

Feeling under the sea, that's what my friend might feel when to enter one of the new mall standing in Beijing. Because the roof of the canopy in the form of screen size LCD 250mx30m, in addition to protection from hot sun, my friend can also see the atmosphere of a typical submarine. LCD screen 80 feet tall is a combination of 5 wide LCD screen that has 7500 square meters (as a football field area ratio is only 5500 square meters). But, do not ask the total cost of installation, the installation of this LCD screen is spending $ 32 million. Woww!
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