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Rimini - Italy

Old woke up this residual patterned mosaic floor that serve as a tourist attraction in the city of Rimini.

Sardinia Island

Italy still has another island that became a favorite destination for tourists, especially during the summer is coming. One of the favorite island is the island of Sardinia is situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Noted, Sardinia is the largest island in the Italian territory is divided in 9 districts. Just as in the southern island of Sicily, Sardinia also save marine tourist attraction that offers the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

Basilica San Pietro (St. Pieter)

In Vatican City (Cittadel Vaticano), is the main Catholic Basilica of the most magnificent in the world. Ingeneral, the foreign tourists who came to greatly admire this magnificent building. However, for a Muslim or non-Christian, it is suggested that a visit to this Basiilica not merely to worship, but we can admire the buildingand high value works of art contained in the ornaments and paintings in the Basilica.

Coloseo (Colloseum)

Is one of the historic sites of the ancient Roman era which is actually a giant ynag Flavian Amphitheatre is located in the city of Rome. Colosseum is able to contain 45,000 to 50,000 spectators when the match like in the movie Gladiator Gladiators. This place is adjacent to the Roman Forum (Foro Romano), which was built in 70 and 72 AD under Vespasian empire. This Amphitheatre is the largest in the Age of the Roman empire, and newly completed at the time of the Emperor Titus in 80 AD and became more perfect at the time of Domitian's.


Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain)

Is the water reservoirs in the 19th century BC. Trevi which supposedly means it is tre vie (three roads) in 1453 following the Fontana de Trevi is renovated with a remarkable renaissance style. according to the trust is said to throw a coin here that will undoubtedly return to Rome some day, believe it or not, just try it!

Spanish Steps, di Piazza di Spagna

It is a monumental Stairway, which consists of 138 steps, built by the French diplomat Stefano Gueffier's in the year (20.000 scudi) from 1723 to 1725, linking the Bourbon Spanish Embassy to the Holy See (Vatican), now located in the piazza below it with the church Trinita dei Monti underneath. While viewing the beautiful panorama of Rome from the top also have boutiques around the famous boutiques on Via Condotti Degli such as Prada, Gucci, Armani etc that extraordinary high price.
The Roman era ruins first pulse of life this is where the Roman era as a place of trade, prostitution, slavery and places like the ancient courthouse.

Glasnevin 773 Cemetery

773 Glasnevin Cemetery is the burial site was also a tourist attraction. Cemetery that houses the tourists must visit when visiting Dublin city.
Glasnevin, a park's biggest cemetery in Ireland, originally named the Prospect Cemetery. Opened the first time in 1832 after one of Ireland's freedom fighters, Daniel O'Connell announced that it was supposed to be a place where the bodies of people who believe they were buried by bringing pride.
Abbey of Thelema 
This is a small house that was founded by Aleister Crowley. Crowley is a writer, hedonist, and practicing some mystical belief. Name Abbey of Thelema was taken from the motto "do as thou wilt" which roughly means that life is not to lock themselves in law or religion, but on the enjoyment and personal desires.
Kota wisata Venice, Italia

City tour of Venice, Italy is very famous for its beautiful buildings around the river had become an attractive tourist place and has its own characteristics that attracted the attention of world tourists. Similarly, the Venetian hotel, the hotel is a tourist town atmosphere of Venice explores the inside of the building. They built artificial rivers inside the building resembles the original river. Artificial River is located on the second floor which stretches along the shopping center or mall. On the right and the left bank of this artificial scattered restaurants and stores are very charming. As with all hotels on the Strip all the malls in the building always give the wild atmosphere complete with blue sky and the wild plants such as free outdoor building.

Menara Miring Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italian: Torre pendente in Pisa or Torre abbreviated in Pisa) is thecampanile or bell tower of the cathedral in Pisa, Italy. Tower of Pisa is actually made ​​to standvertically like a tower bell in general, but it began to list shortly after its construction started in August 1173. He is located behind the cathedral and is the third building Campo dei Miracoli (Field of the rainbow), the city of Pisa.
The height of this tower is 55.86 m from ground level as low and 56.70 m from the top soilsurface. Width of the wall beneath it reached 4.09 m and at the peak of 2.48 m. Its weight is estimated at 14,500 tons. Tower of Pisa has 294 steps.
Pisa Tower construction is done in three stages within 200 years. Development of the first floorof a rocky white marble campanile began on August 9, 1173, which is an era of prosperity andmilitary success. The first floor is surrounded by pillars with classical letters, leading to tiltedagainst blind arches.
There is controversy about the identity of the architect of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Over the past few years designers predicated to Guglielmo and Bonanno Pisano, a prominent local artists of the 12th century in Pisa, which is popular by bronze molds, particularly in the Pisa Duomo. Bonanno Pisano left Pisa in 1185 leading to Monreale, Sicily, only to return home and died in his hometown. His sarcophagus was found at the base of the tower in 1820.

Village Multicolor
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