Explore the Blue Grotto on the island of Capri, Italy

Capri Island


Blue Grotto (Blue Cave) is a sea cave on the coast of the island of Capri, Italy. Dubbed the Blue Cave because sunlight passing through a cavity under the water creates a blue reflection which then illuminate the cave. This is one of the popular attractions on the island of Capri.

Blue Cave is one of several sea caves around the world are flooded with light blue or bright emerald. The quality and nature of color in each cave is determined by the unique lighting conditions in the cave. 

In the case of the Blue Grotto, the light comes from two sources. One of them is a small hole in the wall of the cave, precisely on the surface of the water that has a size of one meter and a half meters in diameter.

Blue Grotto is known to have existed since ancient Roman times, is evidenced by the discovery of antique statues in it. The beauty of the Blue Grotto and then became famous thanks to the portrayal of the German writer, August Kopisch and his friend Ernst Fries in 1826. They believe that have found a natural wonder that was not previously known until now they swim in the area.

Blue Grotto can be reached by motor boat from the port of Marina Grande, by bus from Anacapri, or by taxi. Next trip to the cave using a motor boat. Arriving at the mouth of the cave, you will be transferred to a lifeboat.

Mouth small cave that requires you to move to a smaller boat. In fact you have a little lie down when passing through the mouth of the cave. Even so, when he got in the cave you can freely move and stand up straight. This is possible because the size is much larger than the entrance.

Although famous for its beauty, the Blue Grotto can not be visited during bad weather conditions because wave magnitude would complicate you enter into it. In addition, the cave require bright sunlight to create a brilliant blue light.

To enter the Blue Grotto and enjoy the beauty of the reflection of light blue, per person charged 11.5 euros 
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