Large holes in the Earth Due to soil subsidence

The phenomenon of land subsidence usually occurs suddenly, although it was only known in certain places prone to subsidence, this phenomenon has been occurring throughout the world. Initially characterized by leaking plumbing pipes are rusty, it denotes the ground we're sinkhole defense rests, and one day wuuusss ...! The buildings on it will be sucked into it and the roads will be destroyed. But there also are natural amblesnya not due to human intervention and the results are very beautiful and amazing. Strange but true, here's some of the phenomenon of land subsidence in the world.

1. Qattara Depression

He Qattara, west of Cairo, Egypt, the land is the largest in the world ambles to leave a big hole with a length of 175 km and a width of 90 mil/280 mil/140 km. The location of lost here like the earth and its size is very surprising.

The hole is the most it was 134 meters below the sea was never used in war and later the scientists are trying to build projects worth 360 million dollars (3.8 trillion), which utilizes Qattara to complement the availability of energy independent. This plan requires a trench dug from the Mediterranean to the Qattara edge so water will drain hole through a tunnel. In the end (at least 160 years into the future) the new lake will rival the size of Lake Eerie; here the desert heat will evaporate additional water flow. Egypt is a place of land subsidence in the desert. But most can not understand is 100% natural phenomena in this Qattara hole. Qattara is the result of wind erosion or storm winds that eroded the top layer until the sinkhole into the source of the water layer. On the google map below, which is the Qattara mint green.
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2. Berezniki

Berezniki hole in Russia began to emerge in 1986 and continued to sink every year without stopping. We have already reached a depth of 200 meters with a length of 80 meters and 40 meters wide. If anyone has ever heard of Berezniki may know this is where the supplier of 10% of the world's needs Potash (potash / potassium carbonate) and the hole was threatening railroad lines in the area of ​​mines.
3. Guatemala City

Residents in Guatemala City had once heard a strange rumbling for weeks but was not sure what's really going on around them. Then in late February 2007, the earth where they stand suddenly ambles into the earth! A hole that is almost a perfect circle is created in real time by bringing all the existing and above include approximately in 1000 the man who later successfully evacuated. Two of them were killed. This disaster caused by the collapse of irrigation systems under the ground surface.

The hole is created due to geological conditions change due to errors of maintenance of irrigation systems and underground pipes that have been worn, but the common factor common cause is water. Earth rests on a layer of carbonate rock will be exposed to erosion due to continuous water flow. It would be eroded rocks and layers will be filled with water and eventually creating a vulnerable state ambles.Kalo understand the Spanish language videos from Youtube consider this:
4. Sarisarinama
 Lubang-lubang Sarisarinama di Venezuela ini adalah satu keajaiban alam yang misterius dan juga indah. Ada beberapa lubang berbentuk lingkaran yang diameternya mencapai 350 meter dan kedalaman lebih dari 350 meter. Para ilmuwan tidak yakin bagaimana lubang-lubang ini terbentuk pada awalnya.

Each hole has a unique ecosystem with many species of plants and animals not found in the other hemisphere.

5. Bimmah
Bimmah is the name of one of the location of devastating natural phenomenon which is strange. Residents here, Oman, making this a big hole as tourist attractions (more precisely, garden or swimming pool).

6. Mount Gambier

Known as the city of craters, Mout Gambier (Among located in Adelaide and Melbourne in Australia-East) have a lot of interesting stuff such as lakes, caves, and holes in the ground. The city has both the volcanic craters and large holes containing natural water that makes this city beautiful.

7. Rumah yang Kurang Beruntung di Florida

Steve Kluge made ​​a list of interesting pictures relating to the geology and natural disasters. This is the house that are less fortunate and drowned in Florida. Land subsidence is one of the classic problems in Florida in addition to floods and storms.

8. Agrico Gypsum Stack

Florida has long been haunted by the collapse of land subsidence, but the disaster this one is one of the greatest. Soil subsidence is below the gypsum stack (toxic industrial waste) weighing 80 million tons. These hazardous materials contaminating the drinking water of 90% in Florida and cleaning efforts costing millions of dollars. Hole volume 2 million cubic feet was later given the name "Journey to the Center of the Earth" and is known as one of the objects of entertainment from Disney World products.

9. South Florida

Karst (a type of rock layer) in one city in South Florida has decreased and produces a hole in the ground big enough.

10. Devils Hole Earth

Its depth is quite "horrible" that reached 400 feet, this is the "devil hole" in Texas. The mouth of this hole measuring 40 x 60 feet and there is archaeological evidence that this place was sacred by Native Americans. Local residents used to find the arrows, stalactites, and other treasures of this big hole.

11. Macungie
Plan the construction of the Kentucky Trimodal Transpark immediately canceled the event of land area of ​​200 feet sinkhole in Bowling Green, Kentucky. In this area is known sinkhole-prone land and every time something like this could happen again. This makes development in the whole area here is very risky ..

12. Bowling Green

Plan the construction of the Kentucky Trimodal Transpark immediately canceled the event of land area of ​​200 feet sinkhole in Bowling Green, Kentucky. In this area is known sinkhole-prone land and every time something like this could happen again. This makes development in the whole area here is very risky ..

13. Daisetta

In Daisetta, Texas has recently (May 2008), which preceded by amblesnya land 20 feet wide in a residential area, be expanded to 900 feet with a depth of 100 feet in a day and swallow the telephone poles, buildings and vehicles. Local authorities have investigated the possibility of leaks on lines of oil and natural gas there. Sediment and sludge oil generated also endangering some homes nearby.

14. Montrose Avenue sinkhole land   
Land sinkhole 80 feet wide with a depth of 15 feet occurred in the middle of Montrose Avenue. The highway was eventually shut down for two weeks in early January last year. Fortunately no casualties because of this incident.
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