Vacation Places Can Be Free sex and Naked

  Ski Obertraun, Austria

     Ski contest here replaces the arena in Eagle Butte, Colorado who had quit. Arena in Obertraun offers  skiing routes conducted by telanj * ng in the area with an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level.
Bungy Jumping Nanaimo, Canada
Celebrations Feed naked every day Valentine's weekend in Nanaimo terminated by the action jumps to the naked. This action was carried out from above a height of 140 feet andon top of the water ice cold .
Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

The lake is famous for fishing hobby enthusiasts. Uniquely fishing expedition carried out by naked in the region of Lake Tekapo Holiday Park is situated on the southern island of New Zealand.

Cruise in Croatia
 Total 1185 islands located off the coast of Croatia, remote location, making it a popular place for sailing trips. Travelers who want telanj * ng can order their own beds in a large sailboat from cruise ship.
Climbing Mount Harz, Germany

In this mountain climbing along the 18 km opened to pedestrians bare.

Scuba Diving - Fiji

Companies that offer Buff Divers scuba clothing choices through the online network. Included somewhere more tropical Fiji. Divers who want to be naked to be careful of stinging animals, sea urchin and eel Conger pointed a lot of wandering.

Festival Okayama, Japan

Every year in the city of Okayama, 9000 scantily clad men took to the streets to celebrate the Festival Hadaka Matsuri, or naked. This event is popular with foreign tourists who often joined by locals who wear loin cloths.

Village of Costa Natura, Spain
 Located in the coastal Del Sol. There are 200 residential apartments and the first experience in Spain. Travelers who want to be naked to enjoy Costa Natura's facilities which include a swimming pool, volleyball court, tropical gardens and beach.

 Golf La Jenny, France
 La Jenny Naturist resort in South West France offers a golf course that can be used with telanj * ng. It has a six-hole golf course spread over 9 hectares both in space and open air.

Kotiharju Sauna, Helsinki, Finland
 Finland has long enjoyed the summer. This country offers a sauna for a family that can be used for steam baths. Steam in the sauna is derived from a wood burning stove.
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