trip to Turkey

Sightseeing in Turkey is very much at all, starting from the end of Antalya, Cappadocia, Istanbul is very nice to have a high historical value. Who's excited right now is finding Noah's ship in the Ararat mountain that supposedly 99% recognized the truth.

visit to Turkey is the mixing of Asian and European cultures, Snow winter and not as hot as Kuwait in the summer, and the rich legacy of Islam's history, Christianity, Roman and the former palace of Constantinople

Illustrations are ditulisan this is part of Aya Sofya, a historic building in Istanbul Sultan Ahmet actually recorded turnover of power from its time history of Byzantium, Constantinople, Ottoman and now as a museum. First it was a church but then could be used as mosques in line with the fall of Constantinople and Ottoman rule (Ottoman). Both the paintings and writings of Christian paintings Quran verses written on the wall is still visible and preserved. That makes me old was stunned when she saw a large water barrel that looked at all of its history since has been changed to change than just a decoration, flower pots, and as padasan place of water for purification. And also Mihrab facing the Qiblah which is located above the altar table. See the picture above.
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