10 Best Tourist Places in Africa

10 Tempat Wisata Terbaik di Afrika [+Pict]

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Aneka Satwa di Kruger Park (foto: signorile.org)
AFRICA is the continent of the world's second largest and second largest population after Asia. With an area of ​​30,224,050 km ² including adjacent islands, Africa, covering 20.3 percent of the total land area of Earth.

With 800 million people in 54 countries, this continent was home to a population sepertujuh dunia.Di this region many interesting sights and fascinating.

Kruger Park
Here, you can enjoy the atmosphere and the fierce desert safana natural life of South Africa along with many wild animals like the typical African Lion, Cheetah, Deer, antelope, Hyena, and much more.

Table Mountain
Table Mountain is probably one of the few natural appearance that is unique in the world, with a view of the mountain with a flat top and unique, even this object become one of the candidates for the natural wonders of the world.

Garden Route
Garden Route is a series of views of the bay, cliffs, beaches and cities, stretching hundreds of kilometers from Heidelberg. Garden Route offers you a beautiful natural landscape and the natural appearance of African green.

Robben Island
Roben Island is one of history's most famous tourist attractions in South Africa, this place used to be a place of exile at the same time liberation hero in prison for the practice of apartheid in southern Africa, namely Nelson Mandela.

V & A Waterfront
This is the paradise for shopping lovers who were on vacation in southern Africa, in this place you can find various souvenir products typical of South Africa as well as a variety of products world-renowned fashion designer.

Pantai Durban
Durban beach tourism is the option most attractive and famous beaches in South Africa, with a medium wave and crystal clear water make this beach as a tourist favorite and most sought after in South Africa.

Sun City Resort
This place is the most complete tourist complex in South Africa, in which five-star hotel facilities, golf courses, parasailing, bars, and various other glamorous places of entertainment that can only be enjoyed by tourists of the new.

The Cradle of the Human Kind
In this place, you can learn about the different heritage of our ancestors, in this world heritage site, you will be treated to various results of the discoveries of human anthropology that is stored in the Sterkfontein Caves.

This is where you can feel the life of indigenous South Africans. Although only a few dozen kilometers away from downtown Johannesburg, but residents of this city still want to implement a simple life, far from glamorous and impression of luxury.
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