Pariwisata Indonesia

Indonesia as an archipelagic country with a group of thousands of islands in every corner of this country is an irrefutable fact. Of the thousands of islands, each with its own beauty and have the potential to become the best world-class tourism center. Not to mention the beauty of the mountains that lay like a giant fortress of God's creation will add value to Exotic natural wealth and beauty of Indonesia.
But apparently, the natural wealth that is so perfect keindahanya is still not quite in good governance. Currently only a few tourism in Indonesia, known by the world International, one of which is the island resort of Bali. Today should be recognized that Bali is really an example of the success of tourism in Indonesia, known throughout the world, even so famous Bali, Most foreign tourists there who think that Bali is a country and they just do not know about Indonesia.

Actually, if the relevant parties can properly manage any potential for tourism in various regions in Indonesia, the result will greatly increase foreign exchange income countries. This is seen because every year the number of tourists from both local and foreign, increasingly frequent visits to places of tourism because the current might be too much stress because people easily work a day at the office, wanting to enjoy the holidays, celebrating birthdays and many more activities are carried out by local communities in tourist locations.
Not to mention it must be admitted that in Indonesia a lot of activity at a certain time kesebuah visiting tourist locations such as a requirement for example during Idul Fitri holidays can be sure all the sights in almost all of Indonesia is always packed with people, and still other activities which could increase the number of visitors in certain tourist areas. And it all is a potentially very profitable.
There is another positive value of it all, namely to increase economic growth and also open employment and reducing unemployment. This must be, because if the more developed potential for tourism in Indonesia, the more people need to be involved.
Especially if its management is laid out neatly for example providing special locations for the sidewalk vendors (PKL), which provided strategic permanently and automatically this will increase the income of traders whose fate is often ignored. With a good concept, the news-news related evictions of street vendors do not need to hear again.
If the government and related parties who have the authority and obligation in paying attention to and fight for the potential of tourism in this country want and continue to work hard to dig and then elicits the potential of tourism in this country then I'm sure Indonesia will be more and more recognized by the World International associated with beauty and potential incredible tour to visit.
And there are also other things that also important is, to minimize foreign domination in the management of tourism in Indonesia. because in fact there are still many people who manage the business in the world of tourism are strangers. It should also need to be considered by many parties. Because if the world tourism business in the area is occupied by a foreign party, then see that the years ahead, maybe our societies will work only became a dishwasher in hotels or restaurants owned by foreigners, while hotels and restaurants may is located in the village they live.
Classical problems that arise related to the difficulty of investing and the complexity of the bureaucratic system in this country should also be removed and changed so that those who want to invest in areas that have the potential to become more numerous and rapidly developing world so that the expected progress of tourism in Indonesia is not a hoax and a dream alone.
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