10 cities that are rarely visited (tourist attraction)

There are few cities in the world who rarely or perhaps never visited by tourists. Whether because of lack of publicity or lack of tourist sites interesting or worth a visit. Here goes a list of 10 cities which are very rarely visited:

La Oroya, Peru
The city is known for melting metals such as zinc, tin and copper. Almost every child in the city suffer from the disease because of high levels of toxic waste from pabrik2 who can enter their bloodstream. But the city is suffering not only that but the city has been turned into desert because of Acid Rain that occurred.

Sumgayit, Azerbaijan
The city is actually very famous, but because this is a place famous for production of pesticides and certain chemicals. However, it is also known for throwing waste into the Caspian Sea which explains why cancer rates surprisingly increased over the years terakhir.Anehnya no one cares with this place.

Dakar, Senegal
The city is most famous as a cosmopolitan West Africa, but because it is near the Baie de Hanne, the city is not very popular among tourists. Baie de Hanne provide drinking water "clear as I clean-a" for households but is already mixed waste from factory

Norilsk, Russia
Cities with 134,000 population are heavy metal industrial city that wastes released into the air freely. That means the air is very polluted city and if you breathe contaminated air in 1 day, could be the age you are reduced at least 10 years. (1 day = -10 years, how if her day2?)

Linfen, China
The city has a population of + 4 million people, and this is where mass-produced coal. It shows how polluted the air in this city. Residents are often choke because drinking water laced with arsenic.

Arvin, California
The city including the city's most polluted air premises. In fact you could not see clearly at night. If you want to die slowly because of damage to the lungs, just come to town.

Mallorca, Spain
Cities in Spain is renowned for its reputation of its inhabitants. That is not the residents were friendly, but residents are rude and disrespectful. Many tourists are sorry for having visited this city.

Youngstown, Ohio
People in America must know and have a reason why they do not want to visit this city. It is confirmed that the likelihood you will be shot dead if you leave the house. The city is famous as a murder capital of the world (World Murder Capitol City).

Any city in Sri Lanka
Many people know if you want to holiday in peace, then do not vacation in this city. Because local people are very fussy and they always talk and complain about their country.

Akiak, Alaska
"Akiak" when translated means "the other side or other areas" based on the 2000 sensud jmlah population in the city is only about 309 inhabitants. The city has a fairly well maintained airport. In this city, and aircraft rental services provided there are no property taxes or apaun in this city.
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