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Swimming Pool in Zimbabwe spooky 
For those who like a challenge, a swim in the Devil's Pool, aka the devil pool is the right choice. Imagine, lying on the lip of Victoria Falls, the world's largest waterfall with a height of 108 meters long and 1.7 km.

"As the name implies, Devil's Swimming Pool, a swimming pool is believed to be the most dangerous in the world. Devil's not man made but a natural niche in the largest waterfall located on the border of Zimbabwe with Zambia."
Rows of natural coral that comes right on the edge and recess at the end of the waterfall can be a place to swim when the water is shallow and swift.
Usually during September to December. At times like this, the swimmers could even look into the abyss of the end of the falls without fear of dragging the swift water.

Visitor attractions are located on the side of Zambia is flooded with tourists every year who want to see the bottom of the waterfall from its peak.

Some even dare to let yourself drift into the rapids to the waterfall lip before it got stuck because of blocked reefs. Below them, as far as 108 meters, the Zambezi River was flowing. 

"In the months other than September to December, who dared to swim in the Devil's will instantly be dragged and slammed on the basis of Zambezi River due to the barrier reef on the lip of the waterfall flowing under water."
Angela Stugren, U.S. tourists who visited the place to say this place is more scary than bungee jumping. "Feelings can be dragged calm water makes you as nervous," he said.

Known as Mosi-oa-Tunya or blaring smoke in the local language, this waterfall spilling 500 million liters of water every minute from the lips of waterfalls that length not less than 1.6 km.

Rainbow steam generated from this waterfall can be seen even from a distance of 48 km. In total there are seven major rapids that are included in this waterfall Victoria.
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