Train-Train in the World luxury

Venice-Simplon Orient Express

served ranging from London and Paris to Italy, then through eastern Europe to Istanbul.
London-Italy trip ticket $ 2.350 per person, the Paris-Istanbul $ 6.930


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Danube Express

A private train, made ​​from recycled car in use by the guest of honor once the government of Hungary.
The tour includes Budapest, Prague, Winna, town Spa, and Draculla castle in Transylvania.
It costs $ 1.518 per person for 3 day trip up to $ 13,000 for the 11-day trip including return airfare kekota departure.

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British Pullman

Doperasikan by the same company with the Orient Express, British Pullman offers tourist traveling around England and Scotland.
At a cost of $ 270 per person per day, or a special package from Birmingham or Menchester into Wimbledon tennis tournament, including tickets $ 1.272 spectators.

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Alexander Nevsky

Launched in April, overnight tours keretata between Moscow and St. Petersburg.
With modern facilities including satellite TV, internet and furniture typical Russian,
cost for a VIP cabin with 2 bedroom place where $ 600.

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Royal Scotsman

Trains with 9 cars serving tours to the highlands of Scotland, starting 2-7 days.
While menmandangi lake mysterious lochs and mist which surrounds the mountain.
The cost ranges from $ 2.735 s / d $ 8.266 per person

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El Transcant√°brico

Train culinary, offers 8-day trip to the western part of Spain
from $ 3.546 cost per person

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Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

Luxury service at this historic point in starting April 2007, with 12 passenger carriages
-equipped with DVD player, with heated floors in the dining room.
The trip includes between Moscow and Vladivostok for 15 days, including to Mongolia.
Cost ranges from $ 7.495 per person s / d $ 22.195 for a top class suites.

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