Tourist Attraction in Buenos Aires

Some of the famous sights in the area of ​​Recoleta, among others, Evita Peron, shocked the market every Saturday and Sunday, Hard Rock Café, assorted restaurants, Bar and Café and shopping centers



Calle Florida
Area Pedestrian shopping center consisting of a row of regular stores to various kinds of shops selling all kinds of leather products and souvenirs Argentina.

 Casa Rosada
Casa Rosada or Pink House is the name for the Palace of the President of Argentina. This building has become the country's presidential office since its establishment in 1810 Argentina, in 1873, President Sarmiento decided the building was painted pink as a symbol of the unity of the two political camps have clashed in Argentina, the red color to the federal stronghold and white to color Unionist stronghold.

San Telmo
Area attractions with antique buildings are also an important trading center antique souvenir handicrafts Argentina.


 Avenida Corientes
Avenida Corientes is one of the main street in the city of Buenos Aires which consists of 69 blocks. Along the way are some interesting places to visit include or monument utaman Obelisco Buenos Aires city (located at the intersection of Avenida 9 de Julio), shopping bargains Once and Abasto Shopping Mall and a row of the bookstore (an average of 3 stores each block) . Avenida Corientes also known as the Broadway of Buenos Aires with its rows of theater, including some special venue Tango.

La Boca
Local Sightseeing, old and antique harbor that are no longer functioning as a port. La Boca is one of the central origin of Tango. The attraction of La Boca is located in people's homes are colorful, "El Caminito" (a place where pedestrians sold outcomes Argentina handicrafts and souvenirs, the paintings and the show dance tango) and the Stadium one of the best football club in Latin America, Boca Juniors.

 Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
Museum of art that stands Sejas in 1896 has 32 ​​rooms of this exhibition. This museum permanent collections include paintings by Goya, Rendir, Van Gogh and Rodin. The museum also has a library open to the public, precisely in the way Y Libertador Recoleta.

Kota obyek wisata yang terletak kurang lebih 45 menit dari pusat kota Buenos Aires. Obyek wisata yang dapat dinikmati di Tigre adalah pemandangan sungai dengan deltanya yang dijelajahi dengan perahu Catamarán. Di kota ini juga terdapat Parque de la Costa (Amusing Park) dan juga ada pasar kerajinan tangan dan buah-buahan.


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