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Tulips always identified with the Dutch state. Thousands of tourists come to the Netherlands just to admire the beautiful flowers and brightly colored, which is widely planted in the gardens of the country's Windmills. City Keukenhof in the Netherlands, each year even visited some 800,000 people from all over the world who want to see the beauty of tulips in various Tulip Festival held every year in the city

For those of you who want to visit Europe or more precisely the Dutch windmill country, choose the months of April-Mei. In these beautiful flowers will bloom in the Keukenhof Tulip. A beautiful flower garden ever existed and the destination for tourists from all over the world.

From the information obtained from the manager of the Keukenhof, tulip flowers that grow in this place will bloom at its peak on 14 May to 21 May. As many as 4.5 million of the 300 varieties of tulips scattered over an area of ​​32 acres that come with the lakes, as well as children's playground. around 7 million tulips planted in this place directly by hand, while the rest use the machine.

Blooming tulips became one of the main tourist commodities in the Netherlands, as well as icons for the land which lies beneath the surface of the Atlantic ocean. In celebration of 60 years of existence Keukenhof tulip garden this year, the Dutch managed to attract foreign tourists as many as 44 million. The number of tourists exceeds the total Dutch population of only 16 million people.

Keukenhof flower park managers know exactly when the tourists who come to this place do not just want to see the beautiful flowers that it seems even seedlings imported from Turkey. So the manager Keukenhof complement these attractions with a variety of interesting events. As travel by boat on the canals to see the tulip fields from nearby plantations, flower parades, and the peak festival will be held on 21 May.

Various hybrid varieties of tulips became the object of interest to professional and amateur photographers to capture the beauty of colorful flowers. Each tulip with different varieties also have its own name. Keukenhof with fragrant flowers tulipnya, like the garden of paradise that love to go unpunished.
Starting from the Park Plaza hotel to the fishing village of Volendam. Weather in Europe in October ranged between 5 degrees to 7 degrees.
Village Volendam

Hamlet Volendam many people raise cattle, so why do people Netherland gede-gede body, because the food was cheese, milk and beef. Formerly the seas Volendam is then used as the mainland by dams are now passable by cars and the dam is now a freshwater dam. Volendam was once also the fishing and then switch the function to local livelihoods as fishermen Volendam not anymore, but many sell souvenirs typical windmill country.

Volendam Harbour

Catwoud Molen, the Netherlands, which became iconic attractions Netherlands

 Souvenir Corner

Dutch photo shop 

Volendam Market

tour guide, we were invited to watch a film about the story of the windmill country, before given the opportunity shopping, clothes shopping and a photo with his trademark "wong Londo" in the studio, along the market in Volendam.
The photos were redeemed at a price of $ 15 eur, would be a great album or be divided into several pieces, but still one sheet of photo paper, the same price. Before shooting I was dressed as an assistant photographer.

(^_^) Tips for Muslim women who want a photo with typical clothes Netherlands:
For mothers who use a cap / hood Muslims should think about it, her veil would be removed or not? Because we must ngepasin Dutch hood with his trademark hat, if baseball will fall apart.

resting place on the seashore, Volendam

2 / 3 Amsterdam is below the water surface while the Swiss 2 / 3 located above the water surface Amsterdam's why so many dams, because the country like a saucer shape. Like Indonesia like Amsterdam if the floods would open the dams to the city.
Indonesia should duplicate the Netherlands tablets how to create a dam. Holland makes the piles of gravel, poplar wood, soil, grass, and nets to avoid overflow of water kedaratan.

Many called for the country Amsterdam. Indonesian People used to call with when what is actually the Dutch Netherlands. Also, some call it Holland when Holland is the largest province in the Netherlands. Right now we are in northern Holland. Lots of title to Amsterdam earlier than the above, there is a mention as a city of a thousand dams, the city of tulips (tulips, though originally from Turkey), the land of windmills.
Denhag capital of Amsterdam but many who have thought that Amsterdam was the capital, iiihh dech ... sorry for you i do not know, 27 October Netherland to the 765th birthday, try again when the time plus a day definitely exciting to see Amsterdam's birthday celebration.

Tulip, there are many colors can be tens of thousands of them. In fact there is a black tulip, special localized government to conduct research and create new colors of hybrid tulips.
Constraints in the Netherlands are old age more than a young age, why? because the young couple happy to delay the descent on the grounds that a very high standard of living

Centrum A'dam Noord
Holland Casino
worker-owned bike
 Amsterdam Museum

Spot the photographs of here pretty cool. If you happened to place in the Coster Diamond diamond is not hard to find i amsterdam park, located adjacent to the museum and museum shop. Rame very same young people who just action in the park, including me, hh.

Just information:
If you want fun on foot from the back of the location of diamond you are met later on the right side of the river continued to cross the road, there is a hard rock cafe and casino, it turns out there is the Lido uh-loh but it is also small.
Dam Square

One hour tour with canal cruises

Cruisesnya my mind that there was big, not small taunya too (her name is also on the canal gitu loh). The river was very brown yes ... maybe all disposal here, and restaurants apungnya permanent home, to find the street where someone lives living adjusted beernya name, because once this area is a brewery.
Pedestrian bridges, canals there are locations where the corridor narrows

He said this is the legacy of the VOC ship
Park bike / car is ordinary, bike park in Amsterdam Ontel extraordinary new

As the home of Europe in general there is a balcony there are flowers, unique house in Amsterdam is shaped boat but they also think about the beauty of the house beside the river by planting flowers beside the boat.
Little Dutch boy


Statue of Queen Wilhemnia
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