Qujing City, World Flowers

Pearl River is China's largest river that flows south across several provinces, creating a brilliant history and culture in southern China, and prosperity in the Pearl River delta. Qujing city located in Yunnan Province, southwest China is the source of the Pearl River, which is why Qujing dubbed the "First City in the Pearl River. "

Qujing Yungui Plateau is located in the center and borders Guizhou Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to the east, and on the western side, bordering Qujing Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province. Thus, Qujing an important road that connects to the remote areas of Yunnan Province.
With an area of 28,000 square kilometers, Qujing is a big city an important industrial and agricultural as well as the second largest city in Yunnan Province Kunming City followed. As a source of Pearl River, Qujing City reap tourists in large numbers every year.

In addition to the Pearl River Travel Resources, City and County Luoping Shizong in the southern city of Qujing also is a mainstay of tourism activity that puts the natural beauty and distinctiveness of local cultures. In January and March each year, covering an area of ​​interest Sapa thousand hectares of land to meet the City Luoping invite the attention of a large number of tourists and photographers. The beauty of Azalea Flowers at Mount Junzi, District Shizong also no less charming. Among the trees on Mount Junzi Azalea, Azalea Tree "Qiannian Juan" confirmed the 1.600 years old. In spring, flowers blooming trees Qiannian Juan for 40 days and became the most glorious sights in the Mount Junzi. Although Tree Qiannian Jun is the main star attractions of Mount Junzi, but he can not represent all attractions in Mount Junzi because in the mountain scenery changes following the change of four seasons every year.
In the 20-meter-high foul on the Mount Junzi there is a path along 400 meters more. In this way, tourists can freely enjoy the unique geographical scenery of Mount Junzi karst.
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