7 City of Claim as a gathering place of the Ghosts!!

Bodie, California



This ghost town in America, was originally a small mining area which later became the Chinese immigrant settlements. ghost town in California is now uninhabited and became the most quiet region in California .. scary!

San Zhi, Taiwan




This city located in northern Taiwan. initially is a bona fide place of recreation but after suffering damage to the building stopped. many rumors circulating benar2 haunted ghost town. until now the city is still sitting neglected and possibly let the ghosts take care of this city!

Varosha, Cyprus


This city is on the state of Cyprus is renowned as a modern tourist attractions, but due to the Turkish military invasion of its beauty are now history, even the city fenced off with barbed wire. it is not impossible if ghost also keep this city.

 Gunkanjima, Japan


This is one of the uninhabited town in Japan. at first this place as a coal mining area and was a lot of workers who live in this town, but gradually this mine was closed by the factory and left empty mitsubishi left unoccupied terraced gedung2 horrible .. this place is not friendly for those longing for serenity.

Balestrino, Italy


Not many remarks about the city's history. This is a collection of the castle was once among the green hills. but since then the population of the earthquake disaster in the refuge. This city is now quiet left its dark tales of the castle there

Katoli World, Taiwan

It was once the playground of the famous in Taiwan, but because of the earthquake in 1999 that killed thousands of people then this place has become a deserted and uninhabited. seem horse playing alone with no one to ride, a ghost park also may have been created ..

Pripyat, Ukraine

This will happen if the city affected by nuclear radiation. remnant of the Soviet nuclear development has made ​​this beautiful city should be mourning for years. now no more fun as a game center hectic bustle and bustle of the city. as though this place is more suited to a playground of ghosts ..
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