The mystery and beauty of the Forest Sink In Water

The term submerged forest / sink generally describe the remains of trees that have been flooded by rising sea levels. Forests such as this can also be found further inland in the lake. So do they live? Of course not, they slowly decompose in water. Here are some of these unique forests.

1. Lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan

The lake is situated in the depths of the forest with an altitude of 2000m above sea level. Formed of limestone landslide and soil deposition. The lake is forming a natural dam and a beautiful canyon.

This lake has a length of 400m long with a depth of 30m. Beautiful views presented here. The remains of trees that are not submerged, towering like nails creations from nature. While the part that is under water, looks like a mystery a hundred years old forest

2. Danau Bezid, Romania

Situated in the Transylvanian region of Romania, its uniqueness is not only beautiful scenery but also a mystical side that presented here. Bezid formed after the whole village is flooded, leaving the houses at the bottom of the lake and only a local church tower and the trees are still visible towering above the lake.
The branches and twigs of old trees seen towering over the water surface such as the hands that carry the message of mystical. Reservoir is also hiding something under the water, which ruins the sink so that more and add a beautiful ambience and mystery that were presented there as well ..

3. Lake Periyar, India

Periyar Lake is actually an artificial reservoir, to a flood area that was created in 1895 by Mullaperiyar Dam construction. Tree stump is the remains of the old forest.
In the vicinity of the lake contours of wooded hills provide a permanent water source for local wildlife, and is said to be one of the few places where the dam has been good to be made in the ecosystem.

4. Reservoir Udawalawe, Sri Lanka

Reservoir presents the views of the remains of thousands of forest trees that die due to the floods that fill this artificial dam. Lots of animals that lose habitat here, but lately, this dam began to re-approached by various groups and types of animals that exist in the surrounding environment of this reservoir.

5. Lake Volta, Ghana

The lake was formed by the hydroelectric Akosomba Dam, which provides electricity supply to many countries. Completed in 1965, the project has forced about 78,000 people to do the relocation of new settlements, along with 200,000 of their pets, while about 120 buildings and dwellings were also destroyed countless.

Lake Volta is a promising potential resources, Ghana's government attempted to harvest 14 million cubic meters of timber are submerged, although not without controversy. Tropical hardwoods that may be valuable, preserved by the lack of oxygen in the water. But some said logging in the water can be a threat to fishermen and disrupt the ecological balance of the lake.

6. Lake Caddo,Texas

It looks like Lake Mysterious Swamps in horror movies. This lake is not completely submerged so that the plant here is not so dead and not so alive. But behind the eeriness that there is beauty beyond biasa.Asli conifers southeastern United States, Cypress trees grow in moist habitats, and some individuals can live for more than 1,000 years.

Baldcypresses, growing in marshy habitats, has a distinctive growth called cypress knees, woody projections on the water that is part of the root system and provide structural support and stabilization - in flood-prone sites like this.

7. Kampong Pluk, Kamboja

Di Kamboja dapat ditemukan hutan lain yang mengambang, terdiri dari pohon-pohon yang tumbuh keluar dari sebuah danau, akar kust mereka yang tersembunyi di bawah air.

Trees that grow in Kampong Pluk is a mangrove and other forest habitats. They are home to various wildlife, including crab-eating monkeys, and humans who harvest shrimp and live in a tree house / house float.
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