Albania, interesting sights

we try to recognize Albania. In many Mediterranean countries, such as Albania. The country is located in the Adriatic Coast and the sea and the Ionian. Country bordering Albania and Macedonia Montenegro in the north east. Albania is a country that was formerly the Soviet Union. Albania is currently struggling to find their footing in the battle of democracy.

Capital of Albania in Tirana. Tirana residents around 3000.000 people. Tirana city is a mixture of European structures, Soviet-style building was influenced by Arab architecture.

Other major cities in Albania is Korca. Korca is a city located in eastern Albania. Adjacent to the border Korca Korca Greek and Turkish carpets have a style. The whole city was involved in the manufacture and sale of Rug with a variety of styles, colors, types, and nuance.

Other major cities in Albania is Petrela Castle. The city has an ancient structure with a historical legacy that is firmly attached to it. Petrala main question is the stronghold of Durres city. This city used to hold the Roman attack, Greece, and Turkey. Petrala fort built in 500 BC. This fortress has the structure of the ancient style, its shape is relatively strong and beautiful by maintaining a history attached to it.

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