Domestic travel in taiwan

 Taiwan, a country with stunning natural spectator's eyes, a variety of culinary delights, cultural tours that expand horizons, and friendly people invite tourists to enjoy all the advantages of being owned this country.

Reviewing the terms of archeology, the first fossils of prehistoric humans who lived in Taiwan found in a cave in the area of ​​Taitung. Not only the historical and cultural values ​​are high, but the craft of Taiwan is also very unique. Sanyi's wood carvings, pottery and ceramic products Yinggo's Kinmen's can be used as a typical Taiwan cinderemata when you visit this region. State festivals such as Chinese new year, a mid-autumn festival, the unified festival, festival of dead spirits and temple festivals are held each year is a picture of the whole culture of Taiwan that has been influenced by various cultures.

For business meals, there are several types of meal that not only filling but also fun as Stinky Tofu, Taiwanese Meatballs, Coffin Sandwich, Veggie and Meat Wrap, Oyster Vermicelli, Steamed Sandwich, and many more.

The tourists who come to Taiwan many times will be surprised by the diversity of animals that live in this country. The balance of natural beauty ranging from mountains, forests and beaches like painting a beautiful panoramic views. Variety of plant and animal species can be found at national parks visited Taiwan as Yangmingshan. Taroko, Yushan, Shei-Pa and Kinmen Kenting. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful as if drowned all the fatigue life in large cities. The air is warm and humid climate that was as a main attraction for the collection of birds for breeding in Taiwan.
Yehliu Geopark, Taiwan's Interior Stone

In autumn, Taiwan charm never goes out. Natural Wonders in the Garden of Geology Yehliu, wind slap at Tower 101, until the jade charm to attract tourists throughout the year. Here's the interesting part of Taiwan, although the wind season, the resorts are swelling with visitors.

The park is named Yehliu Geopark or Yehliu Geological Park. When will enter it, we like the dwarf who was in country rock. This park contains the giant rocks shaped weird. One of them, the fungus garden. Entering the trail's first geological park, visitors will find a similar stretch of rock garden giant mushroom. In this place, visitors are surrounded by dozens of little man like a giant stone mushroom shaped coral heads trunked orange and black. The stones were scattered on the beach that borders northern Taiwan with Japan.

Strange stones are not carved by humans, you know. According to experts, the stones were formed naturally. The reason is the pounding waves in a very long time. In addition, weathering of rocks and earth crust movements are also influential.

Here, there is a famous stone. That is, the stone head of the Queen. This stone is so named because it is considered similar to the head of the Egyptian queen. Copper-colored stone was as high as 2 meters. Uniquely, this stone can only be seen clearly from the right side.

Besides the statue of the queen, there are many other various forms of rock that can inspire the imagination of your mind. There is a cluster of rounded rocks with a small stone in the center are named after the stone candles flame. Stone was briefly resemble a row of candles are almost finished trunk, but for those who never went to Borobudur, the stupa-like cluster of stone temples in Magelang, Central Java, that.

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