Places in the world of luxury and superb all-round

1. Largest indoor swimming pool
World Water Park, Albert Edmonton, Canada, size of 5 acres

2. Largest office complex,
 Chicago Merchandise Mart, Illinois, USA

3. the largest shopping mall
South China Mall, Dongguan, China, 892.000 m2, Shops on 6 Floors

4. Busiest Airport
J.F.K International Airport, New York, USA

5. Widest Bridge
Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sidney, Australia, 16 lanes of traffic, with 8 above and 8 below

6. Longest Bridge
Donghai Bridge, China, 32.5 km

7. Most passenger ships to the Sea
MS Freedom of the Seas, 4300 passengers

8. Most Commercial aircraft with passengers
Airbus A380, More capacity of 555 passengers

9. Most bus passengers,
 Neoplan Jumbo Cruiser, capacity of 170 passengers

10. Highest Statues
Statue of Christ Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

11. Highest Building
Burj Dubai, 900 m

12. Greatest Palace of Parliament
Bucharest, Romania, 500 bedrooms, 55 Kitchens, 120 sitting rooms

13. Largest Stadium
Maracana stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 199.000 Capacity

14. Most Expensive Stadium
New Wembley Stadium, London, England, 90.000 Capacity, Cost $ 1.6 Billion

15. Roads with the highest flyover
Interstate 10 flyover, houston Texas, USA

16. Heavy transporter (Excavator) Toughest, Longest, Highest
Built by Krupp of Germany, Weight 45,000 tons, length 215 m, height 95 m

17. Largest Mosque
Shah Feisal mosque, Islamabad, Pakistan
It can accommodate 35,000 worshipers inside and outside the 150,000 pilgrims

18. Biggest Hotel
MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, USA, Rooms 6.276

19. Most Expensive Hotel
Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai, UAE
7 star hotel only
cheapest room $ 1000/malam
Room termehal $ 28,000 / night

20. Largest Church
Winners Chapel
Canaan Land, Nigeria
Capacity: 50,000 inside the church, 250,000 church outside

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