Four most beautiful valley in the world

Sianok canyon located in the central town of Bukittinggi, stretching from the South continue to Nagari Koto North Tower, Nagari Sianok Six Interest and ended at Palupuh with a length of 15 km, a depth of 100 meters and 200 meters wide. Quiet Sianok canyon or valley is a beautiful valley, green and lush, didasarnya flows a tributary winding through the crevices of cliffs, colorful backgrounds and Singgalang Mount Merapi which is verdant nature fascinating.

The uniqueness is easily accessible canyon, a canyon in the center of town that does not exist in other cities in the world. Natural beauty is stunning canyon Sianok always perpetuated by tourists to take photographs as well as for the painter's imagination. Surf trip through canyon trails in the valley is rekreasiyang Interestingly, when the journey continues to other side canyon within 45 minutes you will arrive at Nagari Nagari Koto Gadang as origin some of the leaders of Indonesia, among others: H. Agus Salim and Emil Salim.

2. Lembah Anai

Anai Valley environment is admirable. Dense tropical forest is impressive and is a protected forest. Didasarnya Batang Anai river flowing with clear water and looking a 40-meter-high waterfall close to the highway.
3. Anai Resort Golf Course

Anai Resort is located 550 m above sea level. Is the best Golf Course in West Sumatra with the status of the International with 18 holes, designed by International Golf Course Designer Thomas and Perrett. Various facilities are on site and bungalows as a natural swimming pool and restaurant.

4. Lembah Harau
It is a nature reserve with a steep limestone hill with an altitude of 100 to 150 m, located 14 km from Payakumbuh. Here also found five waterfalls that always pour the clear water. In this place for camping facilities are also available for tours and activities surrounding the adolescent nature reserve through the path. It is planned that this nature reserve will be the first margasatwayang park outside Java Island
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