Travelling in Australia

Adorned also not always filled buildings berserjarah with European architecture, there is also a bleak modern buildings of Federation Square, an open space in the heart of the design of the architecture become important icons for Melbourne.

Selection of architectural design for the area of ​​38,000 square meters is done openly through international competition. The competition requires participants to create a civilian building that can accommodate 20 thousand people in an open amphitheater.

Of the 177 entries received. Lab Architecture of London managed to steal the championship, and working with Bates Smart of Melbourne, Federation Square has become a place for the citizens of Melbourne to come together and spend time, whether it's in open space, café, or restaurant that was there.

Still in Melbourne, there is a Captain's Cook Cottage, the home of Captain Cook's parents who discovered the continent of Australia in 1770.

According to the story, the original house stood on the Great Ayton, Yorkshire, England, then in 1934 the house was dismantled and taken to Melbourne.

Optimizing attraction

Compared to other countries, Australia does have its own charm. First, Australia is a country which is also the world's smallest continent. Furthermore, the country is also capable of processing resources shingga attract the tourists.

One result of these efforts can be seen on the Gold Coast, a place located south of Brisbane (state capital of Queensland). Gold Coast has a clean beach that can be enjoyed by anyone. This is a promising feature of good memories for those who never set foot in an area of ​​122km square and 42km long beach is.

Besides beaches, the Gold Coast has Movie World (film production studio) that allows every visitor to see up close filmmaking techniques with exciting attractions.

The visit to Australia would not be complete if it did not come to Sydney, which is not only famous with Sydney's iconic Opera House in Australia, but also other places that are not less interesting.

Sydney Opera House is a building that architecture design derived from the results of a competition which was won by Jorn Utzon from Denmark. Building construction began in 1958 in May and completed in February 1973.

Ada pula Harbour Bridge yang disebut juga Coat Hanger (gantungan jas). Di sini wisatawan dapat naik jembatan tersebut setelah melalui kurang lebih 200 anak tangga, dan dapat melihat pemandangan Sydney Harbour yang tidak hanya menarik, tetapi dapat memberi kesan yang mendalam dari kunjungan ke Australia.

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