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Always wanted to holiday in Australia but didn’t think you had the time? Think again! In as little as two weeks, you can enjoy an incredible Aussie adventure, providing you plan it well. Last month we set a challenge to a group of musicians that are in Sydney taking part in YouTube’s groundbreaking symphony orchestra at the iconic Opera House. Before they got stuck into rehearsals, we paired them up with some Australian musicians and gave them two weeks to travel in Oz, asking them to compose a piece of music based on their experiences.
British cellist Desmond Neysmith was paired with Australian guitarist Luke Webb, and together they showed just how much you can pack in to a two-week trip. Check out their itinerary and the track they were inspired to make at
You can also see how the other musicians got on, watching videos of their travels and finding out how you could replicate their trips.
sydney opera house
The concert will be streamed live at 9am UK time on Sunday 20th March, with opportunities to watch it again later in the day.If all this talk of Australia has inspired you to head down under for your next holiday, visit Tourism Australia’s site to start planning your own Aussie adventure!
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