Age of old-fashioned house in Belgium

This resort is named Bokrijk, promoted as a museum open in the area of ​​550 ha. Bokrijk famous for its collection of old houses in the Flemish style throughout Belgium.
Besides the museum, there are also children's play areas, restaurants, and parks for free to the public.

We are not bothered by congestion, artisans offer items, or confusion to start from where. This means that all instructions and comprehensive facilities are provided to facilitate the visitors.

Admission price between 2 to 10 euros (adults, children, students and the elderly vary). I pay 14 euros together with my husband on the last Saturday in March.

In other months prices have also changed. Summer is more expensive than winter.

The cashier gave a free map to start the tour. I choose to walk with her ​​husband because the weather was fine that day and it's more fun to walk slowly.

There is a choice to wear horse-drawn carriage or bus ride chain. But I would suggest to walk away. The entire area in Bokrijk I visit on foot for about 3 hours

The houses are arranged like a Belgian village with neat streets, natural and sometimes muddy because it's just normal soil.

The whole area surrounded by lush forest and grassland, which in some places a lot of sheep, cows, horses and chickens roam.

One thing that really reminds me of my childhood is the smell of firewood in the kitchens of the old house. The smell was really reminds me of my mother's house Abah and in Singaparna, Tarlac. In Sundanese, Hawu furnace was called, and it turns out Hawu in Singaparna and Hawu in Belgium the same scent. The reassuring aroma of firewood.

Bokrijk also show buildings gathering place for ancient people. Complete the game in the room and even a bicycle-sepada of wood. Some buildings are made only about a hundred years ago that many across Europe.

Furniture is displayed in the houses are very beautiful and of course expensive. Furniture is still very much appreciated everywhere. In fact I want to steal and take home a few chairs and tables that are very beautiful.

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