Yonaguni-Jima, Building 8000-year-old (Japan)

Located 68 kilometers from the east coast of Taiwan, Yonaguni Island is a remarkable place because the rocky coastline and mountains. Submerged debris that is located on the southern coast of Yonaguni: 100 × 50 × 25 meter manmade artifacts of stone slabs standing erect. It is estimated about 8,000 years old, which is very early for this kind of technology that has been used for carving it. There are different theories about the possible identity of this structure.
While people say this is the remains of the ruins of the lost continent of Mu, archaeologists call it the result of geological processes that can not be explained. And when you look at the hallways and stairs finely designed, the idea to say this is a "natural phenomenon" will appear.
Megalith building was discovered accidentally by a sport diver in 1995 when he had strayed beyond the permissible limits of the coast of Okinawa. The interesting thing about this large stone building is that the arch was made of beautiful stone block bearing a resemblance to the style and architecture of a vast civilization Inca.Perdebatan about the ruin was attributed as the Parent of prehistoric civilization.

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