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The cave is a work of art the Lord who created the captivating beauty and structure. If we look at its creation, really big power of God. Through a natural process that occurred millions of years long ago since the earth was formed. Each cave has its own characteristics. Here is the most beautiful caves with a structure very artistic and wonderful.

1.  Dongzhong Cave, China (school in a cave)
We will be surprised when entering the area in this cave to find that dozens of children were coming here every day to learn. The cave was used as a skolah. School cave is located in the village of Miao, Ziyun region, China. This cave is formed naturally over hundreds of years ago.
2.   Fantastic Pit
The tunnel named Fantastic Pit has a depth of approximately 586 meters and is the longest tunnel in the Americas. Because of very deep, this tunnel is able to accommodate the Washington Monument (555 feet). It took 8 seconds to reach the bottom of a stone cave.
3.   Gua Hantu Venezuela
"Cueva del Fantasma", the Spanish name of "Ghost Cave" is that it is so large that two helicopters were able to enter this cave and landed beside the waterfall. This waterfall is accommodated in a pond in the cave. When found, some researchers also found several rare frog species in the cave berspecies Colostethus.
4.   Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave, Austria (the world's largest Ice Caves)
this world there are many ice caves but Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave in Austria may be the greatest. Located in Tennengebirge Mountains near Salzburg and stretch along 40 kilometers. In it there is a ceiling that is very charming and nicknamed Mother Nature's handicraft.
5.   Gua Waitomo Glowworm, New Zealand (surga ulat kelap-kelip)
Waitomo Glowworm Caves are located on the north island of New Zealand and is famous for its glowworm populations (caterpillar flicker), Arachnocampa luminosa. These caterpillars are capable of producing one of New Zealand's commodity trade that is silk. Look at how beautiful the dark cave is decorated with lighting by these caterpillars.
6.   Majlis Al-Jinn Cave, Oman
Majlis al Jinn is the second largest cave in the world. Selma is located in the highlands at an altitude of 1600 meters from the Sultanate of Oman. The cave was discovered in 1983 by Don Davidson, a geologist who came to Oman. Davidson reportedly died 10 years later while doing the climb in the Andes Mountains. To enter this cave we have to use a rope. This cave has a depth of 120 to 150 meters.
7.   Crystal Cave, Mexico
Known as "the Sistine Chapel of crystals", Mexico's Cueva de los Cristales (Cave of Crystals) it contains natural crystals are world famous. These crystals have an average length of 11 meters. This cave berkedalaman nearly 290 meters. In this ilayah built a mining complex named Naica. The cave was created by volcanic activity millions of years ago.
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