Unique flora & fauna newly discovered in Borneo

Borneo is one of the largest island in the world. Well, so vast that scientists until now still often find hundreds of new species of flora and fauna of every month. From the start of mediocre until they're all unique.
Here are some unique flora and fauna of Borneo which found the scientists a few months ago.

1. Barbourula Kalimantanensis

Recognized by scientists as the frog-lung berparu not the first in the world. This rare animal to breathe entirely through the skin. Without the lungs allows these animals to have a more aerodynamic shape to help her maneuver in the rivers of Borneo rain.

2. Dendrelaphis Kopsteini

Called also Kopstein's bronzeback is a snake that can grow to 1.5 meters. It has a bright color with a mix of blue, green and brown. Although it looks interesting, but this snake has a painful bite.

3. Dendrobium Lohokii
This beautiful orchid can grow as high as 1 meter and has a width of flower 2-3 cm.
4. Eirmotus Insignis
Along the 1.5-inch fish has a slow and gentle movements, is one of the 17 fish species have been discovered in Borneo.

5. Eulichas villosa
One of the unique beetles from the mainland of Borneo, not much is known about this beetle.

6. Ibycus Rachelae
This snail is the most unique of all the latest discovery. Besides the color is yellowish green, this snail also has a long tail. When the marriage of animals is firing a kind of "arrows of love" to her partner.

7. Macrobrachium Kelianense

This new species of shrimp has a length of 1 cm.

8. Rhacophorus Penanorum
This frog can jump from one branch to another branch. Not only that its uniqueness, this frog in the morning turned into brown color.

9. Thrixspermum Erythrolomum
Is one of 37 new unique orchid found in Borneo.

10. Spectacled Flowerpecker
This gray bird for a while has not given the scientific name because it is still in research stage.
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