Creating a Stunning Scenery Images

What went wrong? Very beutiful scenery but the images yaou produce disappointing. Do not also blame the camera. Sophisticated camera equipment can not be guaranteed a person can make a good photograph.

In the hands of a creative photographer, a photograph natural scenery (Landscape), the beutiful can be made from any subject, from a remote farming area in central Java, the fields of tea plantations in West Java,Bali's rice terraces up to the ruins of Inca temple in Peru. Images of natural scenery or landscape is simply a photograph that depicts a place outside the home. wherever that place.

Natural tendency, especially in the beutiful natural scenery, is to use a wide lens and insert a random scene as much as possible subjects. The assumption is the beuty of the place would generated images. Usually it did not work either. Despite the wide lens ability to capture a broad is a gift, it is often better to use a telephoto lens (long) to isolate the specific part of the highlights of a scene. In two cases (the use of wide or telephoto lens), you must find a way to organize or present a landscape photo with as little as possible incorporate the things that are not necessary.
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