Rajasthan Tourism

Rajasthan Tourism – Yes! Shopping is a Must!

The wildlife is great, the cuisine is interesting and the architecture is simply brilliant. But what about shopping? Shopping can be an activity in itself as far as Rajasthan tourism is concerned. But the activity is not for the faint hearted. In order to bag the best deals and choicest of things, you have be in the know. Having a b and sturdy pair of walking shoes will also help in slowing down the fatigue.

For all those who believe in retail therapy and thrive on it (like me), Rajasthan is a treat. But what can one buy in royal Rajasthan? Ranging from art and antiques to exquisite jewelry and quilts, there is no dearth of delights in this land of the Rajputs. I especially like the snuggly quilts you get in the capital city Jaipur known as the Jaipuri Razai. Close to Jaipur in Sanganer (recommended by many Rajasthan tourism guides for a quick excursion), one can find great handicraft items, which is where I bought this miniature marble chess set for my cousin Erin. Being the clotheshorse that I am, I also bought a great deal of hand printed textiles in a range of hues. I also got some sober colors for mom.

Other things that are worth buying are lac bangles (which are quite delicate by the way), tie & dye fabrics, oxidized silver jewelry (must buy), mirror work apparel, and kundan jewelry (if you have the cash and somewhere to wear the stuff).

Every day and every nook and cranny in Rajasthan gives you a glorious opportunity to shop. Make the most of it. After all, tourism in Rajasthan flourishes on shopping too!
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