Piliphines Logo Tourism

When I first heard of the latest proposed campaign for Philippine tourism, I was really skeptic and asked, "really?" While others thought it sounded like a  "lazy" edition of another brainstorming session, some would assume that the slogan was not thoughtfully considered. I also thought it sounded like a cross-breed of ABS-CBN programs.

From a local perspective, it may work, or that's what I think, at least. But ask if foreigners or other "balikbayans" would agree. I bet most won't. Bad exposure, or poor branding? That's for you to decide.

But when I saw this logo abovejust recently, I thought it wasn't THAT bad for the color representations depict the colorful heritage of the 7,100 islands of the Philippines. The font choice makes it seem that our islands are fun to visit, too.
 Polish Tourism logo

As much as the logo would look enticing enough, it still doesn't look or feel right to publish something that was already used, whether they intentionally knew about this or not.
Why not this instead? lol
To generate your own logo, you have to log in to your Facebook account and and search for the Kay Ganda application.

Don't we all agree of the need to revisit the campaign? My thoughts would be to make our officials reconsider other ideas for the tourism campaign. I'm sure they are working hard towards the goal of having an excellent branding for Philippine tourism, but before releasing half-baked ideas as such, they should have made a much more thorough research so that the people would proudly say that the Philippines is the next best destination of choice. Apart from that, people will laud DOT for a job well done in making use of the people's tax money in an efficient manner.
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