Travel Itinerary

Travel Itinerary - Notre Dame de Paris
One can not plan to travel to Europe without a travel itinerary. While contracting your dream travel itinerary to Europe with your local travel agency is more delicate, first things first, you need to sketch in your mind a travel itinerary to suit your interests in order to know what to ask for. Europe is dense in must see places, packed with beautiful medieval towns and breaths ancient history and culture. Including all this marvelous destinations in your travel itinerary is impossible, but it´s worth some research in order to find out what other jewels lay in the shadow of Paris so you will have some untold and unheard stories to tell your friends when you go back.

A travel itinerary depends on how many days you can spend in Europe. I can assure you that even thou Europe looks somehow small on the map, a lifetime of traveling is not enough to see it all. I would say that if you make the financial effort of traveling to Europe it is worth spending at least two weeks on the old continent. Including just Paris or Barcelona in your itinerary will only open your appetite for more and you won´t leave satisfied.

The shortest Europe travel itinerary I would recommend is Amsterdam - London - Paris (+ Versailles Palace situated 1 hour trip from Paris) - Barcelona. Give at least three days for each in your itinerary as they are vast and dense cities you cannot ignore. Of course there are Vienna and Venice and you definetly shouldn´t forget about them, but as they are not situated on the way between the cities mentioned above, I leave it up to you to include them or not in your itinerary.
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