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Queensland floods receive such an interesting and international media did not stop a lot of tour operators. So, there is not a book for those who were the cause, or even just thinking about it, to cancel their holiday in Queensland. Then came Hurricane IELTS. IELTS is the largest hurricanes, and Australia has never been seen before. It is placed in the eye near the speed of 300kph. The closest comparison is to the hurricane, more than 1,800 across the state of Florida, Louisiana, and death, and Mississippi.

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So far, it seems that only the death in Australia of the person who barricaded themselves in the house of energy to run their own generators, suffocated. Why is this big gap? The state has seen several hurricanes in Queensland each year. Since the 1970s may be the emergence of building codes to ensure buildings to resist hurricanes. The good early warning system (the owner of the steps, if they are likely to be floods or hurricanes), and disaster management plans and evacuation centers. Is a relatively unpopulated area by Hurricane IELTS, or it may have been evacuated.

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So, even if the mandate of the North Queensland coast of Australia and the points of the most popular tourist and took the biggest monster unrest continues, has resumed most of the northern operation. Then I called again through various means, and make sure there is no travel plans or make thinking, is still available, and then ask them to move forward. Some operators are affected by the floods and tropical storms. Many of the local support for reconstruction. The best way to help outsiders to access and support for the North Queensland tourism.
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