10 Hotel Exotic World's Strangest

Hotel for some people is not just a place to stay. With comfort and uniqueness of the hotel, could lead to the experience themselves for the residents.
Like the following ten unique and eskotis as quoted from Divine Caroline.

1. Penthouse form of caravan - Cape Town, South Africa

Hotel Karavan

Penthouse of a hotel is always interesting to know its contents. Moreover,
if the area is made with a very unique penthouse like penthouse shape of this caravan. Made from seven large caravan and located on the roof of the Grand Daddy Luxury Hotel with seven concept interior different.

2. Lodging wooden trains - Christchurch, New Zealand

Hotel kereta kayu

or timber train originating from the era, it can be changed 1870into a luxurious and comfortable lodging rooms. Wagon Stays Hotel carefully renovated the carts to maintain their authenticity. But equipped with air conditioning, heating, LCD TV and of course, kerosene lantern. If you're curious can peeked at wagonstays.co.nz.
 3. Hotel AirPlane - Verde Quepos, Costa Rica

Hotel Pesawat

A unique resort in this Costa hotel is a two bedroom that was built in Boeing 727 aircraft in 1965. The room suite was also perched plane at the top of the trees, offering stunning views, and residents can interact with nature. When viewed from the outside, plane seemed to hit a tree, very unique.
4. Capsule Hotel - The Hague, Belanda

Hotel Kapsul
Floating capsule can also be converted into a unique hotel room. Interior room This form of hook bones. To blanket made ​​of sheep skin.

5. Hotels in Pipes - Ottensheim, Austria

Hotel dalam pipa
Dasparkhotel displays three images, 'temporary, convenient, and a house that is not complicated'. Big pipes converted into comfortable rooms and is located in the middle of the park.

6. Hotels under the sea - Key Largo, Florida, United States

Hotel bawah laut

Iwant to spend the night in an underwater research habitat? You can visit the Jules Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida. Provided two simple rooms for guests who want to stay. To be able to stay at this place the guests must dive to the bottom of the sea as far as 6.4 meters.

The goods will be brought in the airtight bag. Guests are not allowed to smoke in the room was under water.

7. Hotel Helicopters - Connecticut, United States
Lodging in a helicopter is one of the themes of the many unique lodging options for rent in this place. Tools helicopter lodgings worth £ 17,000 is equipped with various tomboldan lights that allow guests to simulate actual flight.

8. Sand Hotel - Weymouth Beach, Dorset, England

Hotel Pasir

Sand castle can also be a comfortable bed. Like the sand hotel contained in Weymouth Beach, Dorset, England. The fares are relatively cheap and located on the beach. Sure must be known at this hotel there is no room bath and only a few meters from the sea.
9. Hotel tram - Hoogwoud, Netherlands

Hotel Trem

Hotel Controversy Tram Hotel is made ​​up of trams from Germany and Amsterdam. These suites offer all the facilities that exist in standard hotel. However, with colorful settings and interior decoration unique as a bonus. 
10. Hotel tower water - Cologne, Germany

Hotel Menara Air

One one of Europe's largest water tower, which is an official heritage site converted into a luxury hotel, known by the name Im Wasserturm. Visitors can enjoy the sound of water tight and beautiful view from the tower.
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