10 City of the World's Most Environmentally Friendly

Here are 10 City World's Most Environmentally Friendly, cities are the most environmentally friendly in this world are the best cities in terms of keeping their environment better and make the city be always green and lush and can reduce levels of pollution and of course very convenient for inhabited.

1. Reykjavik (Iceland)

Iceland is the greenest country in the world. City of Reykjavik has expressed his desire to become the cleanest city in Europe and has taken an impressive step to achieve that. Currently, the city of Reykjavik is run entirely on systems that are environmentally friendly, including the use of geothermal power plants and hydroelectric power to meet its electricity supply, while the city's transportation system entirely using hydrogen fuel.

2. Malmo (Sweden)

It was amazing to see how the city is very friendly environment. Besides being the city of Malmo is Sweden's largest city. This city really offers concepts that are environmentally friendly in every corner of the city.

3. Copenhagen (Denmark)

Copenhagen is a city where citizens-citizens are very aware of environmental issues and they prefer to use motorcycles instead of cars. That is one clear reason why Copenhagen became one of the greenest cities in the world.

4. Vancouver (Canada)

Unlike other cities in North America, Vancouver has done many things in order to get to the environmentally friendly city. 90% of that energy comes from renewable sources, like wind, tidal waves, solar and wave energy, other than that the city also has developed a plan for 100 years into the future to keep the beauty and hospitality environment, although this city in fact already has more than 200 parks.

5. Bahia de Caraquez (Ecuador)

Bahia de Caraquez is a paradise for tourists. The city suffered severe damage due to natural disasters in the era of the 90s and after that the local government and NGOs decided to create an environmentally friendly city. They developed a number of programs to maintain biodiversity and erosion control, they also began a program of composting organic waste from markets and households. In addition, the city is also full support for organic agriculture.

6. Sydney (Australia)

Sydney is a city that initiated the "Earth Hour"last week, Sidney is also the one who became the first city to do the program. Sidney City also has developed a food waste processing program efficiently, making clear why Sydney became one of the greenest cities in the world.

7. Bogota (Colombia)

The city is widely known for its high crime rates, to green since the government held by the mayor Enrique Penalosa. He managed to reconstruct all the sidewalks for pedestrians, in addition to this, he also creates an efficient transit bus system and revitalize over 1200 urban green space. The mayor also raised the fuel tax to reduce use of vehicles and also start the Car Free Day.

8. Curitiba (Brazil)

If 99% of residents in the city of Curitiba pleased with them, then they deserve it. Some of the reasons is the fact that more than 70% of the people there rely on public transportation is very efficient. Curitiba is a model city remarkable for a metropolitan city with environmentally friendly concepts.

9. London (England)

The city government of London runs the Climate Change Action Plan which makes the city become the greenest city in the world. Reduce CO2 emissions by 60% and produce 25% of the local energy in the next 20 years, besides the London city government also gave incentives to its citizens quite tempting specially if they apply the concept of eco-friendly.

10. Portland, Oregon (USA)

Maybe you'll be surprised that this city was a city with the highest pollution in America, but this is the first city first applied the concept of environmentally friendly ways to build environmentally friendly building (Green Building). Local governments also strive to reduce the number of citizens who use the car by way of building bike paths and tram lines.
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