Travel adventure to West Sumatra, Indonesia

Sweet Water Beach

If you are happy with the beaches, and want to see firsthand the stone that is believed to be the embodiment of Malin Kundang, there's no place yagn be addressed in addition to Sweet Water Beach, where the stone is located.

Various Tourism

Trip to West Sumatra would not be complete if you do not stop at the other tourist icons in Ranah Minang, such as Lake Batur located over 10 kilometers from the city of Solok.

Lake Singkarak

The lake is situated on the banks of the turnpike Sumatran and has an area of about 1129 square meters is located in two districts, namely Solok and Tanah Datar. In addition to being a tourist attraction, the lake is also a source of hydroelectric power.

There is also Maninjau Lake is located about 38 kilometers from the town of Bukittinggi. Formerly, this lake is the crater of the volcano is now inactive, while all around the lake there is a hill which was once the crater rim.

Lake Maninjau

The trip to this lake was no less exciting. No less than 44 sharp bend or a local community-Ampek Ampek disebu winding must pass before getting to this place. However, with a memorable scene, certainly does not hurt to stop for a moment here

Curve-ampek ampek

Towering green hills is sala hsatu charm mainstay of West Sumatra. Panorama mini style to treat for anyone who visit oak regions of West Sumatra. That's where good lakes of West Sumatra is located.

Clock Gadang

However, if the journey is still diras less, where else was stepping foot in addition to the Clock Tower in the center of the desert? One of the typical icons of West Sumatra is indeed not to be missed. Do not forget to capture a photograph of a typical traditional house set in West Sumatra.
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