Secrets of the Pyramids and the Borobudur Temple Development

Edward Leedskalnin and confidential Coral Castle

"I have discovered the secrets of the pyramids and how people of ancient Egypt, Peru, Yucatan and Asia (Borobudur temple) lift stones that weigh tons with only primitive tools."

Famous sentence above was spoken by Edward Leedskalnin, a mystery man who built the monument that is equally mysterious Coral Castle.

He was born in Latvia, a small country in Europe. One day when he was 25 years, he was surprised by the decision of his fiancée, Agnes, who was 16 years old who decided to cancel their wedding just one day before the wedding day will be held.

Edward is heartbroken and left Latvia and settled in America. After that, he spent about 30 years to build Coral Castle is famous. Coral Castle itself is a stone structure located in Homestead, Florida. This structure consists of megalithic stones, each of which weighs several tons. Most of the stone used is a type of oolite rock containing the fossil shells and coral.

At first, the Coral Castle was built in a small town called Florida City. But in 1936, the location of Coral Castle was transferred to Homestead where the building was subsequently obtained kemashyurannya. It took three years to move all the rocks there on the spot to its new home.
In Homestead,
Edward continued his work to build Coral Castle until his death in 1951.

Coral Castle was built by Edward has long been regarded as one of rock's most amazing structures ever built in the 20th century. Even some people equate it with Stonehenge. What makes people wonder is the fact that Edward built it alone

Coral Castle has an area of ​​about 4 hectares and consists of 1,000 tons of rocks that together make up the walls, carvings, furniture and castle towers. Remarkably, large stones are brought together not by means of any adhesive. They just stacked with weight harness to keep it together. And just like the pyramids, piles of rocks is so tight and perfect that the gap between two rocks can not be penetrated by light.

The greatness of another of Edward's hand work is the number of vertical stones, each of which has a height of 2.4 meters and form a perimeter at the Coral Castle complex. Each stone is cut vertically with incredible precision so that each stone has the exact same height. Not only that, when hurricane Andrew Uncategorized 5 (most deadly) attacked and devastated Florida, not one stone was a shift from its position.

In the area of ​​Coral castle there is also a two-story towers, each consisting of stones arranged as high as 2.4 meters into the dwelling of Edward. Total weight of the tower is 243 tons.

The tower is decorated with a homemade telescope, obelisk, fountain, pool, furniture and statues of astronomical objects. Furniture is in it, including heart-shaped table, 25 rocker, a crescent-shaped chairs, bathtube, a bed and a throne of government.

Besides the tower, there is a work that shows the power of Edward, which is a gate of stone weighing 8.2 tons. The portal is made with such a perfectly balanced so that a child can open the gate for only led to the fingertips. Mystery of the portal has been confusing many people until one day the gate was suddenly stopped working in 1986.

A group of engineers were called to fix it. It takes six men and a crane weighing 50 tons to move and fix it. What they found is remarkable about this gate. They found the stone gate has the perfect hole and Edward have to balance it turns out only by using an iron rod and bearing trucks.
From this it is known that Edward made a hole diameter of 8 feet on the rock side penetrate the underside of the top rock. Then he put an iron rod into the hole and prop the bottom of the gate with a truck bearing. Incredibly, he made a hole using only hand tools. According to experts, at this time, to make a hole with such perfection, needed equipment with laser technology.
In 2005, the gate was damaged and repaired again. But the improvements do not make the gate is rotated as well and as smoothly initially.
As I mentioned above, what is most stunning of the Coral Castle is the fact that all the structures in place that was built by one person just by using technology and sophisticated tools.Imagine, each stone in the Coral Castle has an average weight of 14 tons. Largest stone weighs 27 tons and the highest is two monolithic stone that has a 7.6-meter high each.
How can Edward make and lift heavy stones by yourself?
Some say that he might have discovered the secret of the architects who built the ancient monuments like the pyramids and Stonehenge. Others said that Edward might use some sort of anti gravity equipment to build Coral Castle.Edward statement saying that he had discovered the secret of the pyramids have been making secret becomes increasingly mysterious Coral Castle. Because Edward himself is a mysterious, much to interpret this statement in the framework of esoteric or mystical.
David Hatcher Childress, author of anty Gravity and The World Grid, has an interesting theory. According to the South Florida area are home to Coral Castle has strong diamagnetik that could make a floating object. Moreover, the south Florida area still considered part of the Bermuda triangle. David believes that Edward Leedskalnin using the principle of net diamagnetik earth which enabled him lift a large stone by using the center of mass. David also refers to the notebook Edward were found to indeed show the existence of schemes of magnetic and electrical experiments in it. Although the statement of David smelled of science, but esoteric principles are still clearly visible in it.
Another writer named Ray Stoner, also supports this theory. He even believes that Edward moved to Coral Castle Homestead because he is aware of the mathematical calculation errors in determining the location of Coral Castle. So he moved to the area you have the advantage in terms of magnetic strength.
Until his death, Edward had never confided to others. If asked, he simply replied, "Actually it is not hard if you know how." Looks like he did his job very secrecy. He mostly worked at night when no one else can see it. Often, though not always, when he felt someone watching him work, he will immediately stop work.
Is Edward Leedskalnin had indeed discovered the secret of ancient times? Did he find the key to conquering gravity? The answer, probably not.Because the images are successfully retrieved at the time of Edward's work on Coral Castle showed that he was using the same method used by the modern worker, using a principle called blocks and tackles. If you see the photo below, you will probably understand the meaning of Block and Tackle.

In December 1951, Edward was already 64 years old put a sign saying "Go to the hospital" at the gates of Coral Castle. After that he took the bus alone to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Three days later, Edward died of stomach cancer.

Yes, Edward Leedskalnin indeed mysterious.
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