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Most Liked Place In India - Kerala...
Most Liked Place In India - Kerala
My most liked place in India is Kerala. Kerala is filled with beautiful nature. So the people in Kerala say “Kerala is a God owned country”. In Kerala people plant more trees and they cut tree in the forest. So the state Kerala is seen as a green place.

I like Kerala because it is very beautiful and my most favorite place. I also believe it is owned by God. Kerala is a place where rainfall is though out the year and with pure water and air.

In Kerala, People use Coconut oil for cooking. Another favorite place in Kerala in Veegaland, it is an water amusement park and it is in Cochin. People come from various place of the world to Veegaland. This is a place of beauty and entertainment.

Kerala has beautiful she shores. Roads go up and down, go around the mountain, however it is worth going a trip through the hills side.
Kerala (India) State Government / Water Resource Dept.
Kerala WaterwayTraditional Kerala House
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