Madurai Visiting Places

Tourist Places to visit in Madurai              The great part of Madurai City is on the right bank of the river Vaigai. The old city is at a height of 330 feet (99.99) metres above sea – level. Its area is about eight and a half squire miles. It has a population of about five lakhs of people. Every day, about ten thousand people from outside Visit this holy city. Madurai is an important railway junction. It is about 305 miles (491 kilometres) south – west of MADRAS.
              Madurai is one the oldest cities in South India. all through the centuries, it has withstood many calamities. The Muslim invaders could not destroy the famous Meenakshi Temple and the other monuments of Madurai. From the immemorial, this city has a seat of learning and culture. Dravidian culture and civilization flourished in this great city for more than two thousand years. Many scholars from all over India come to study the Tamil Academy (Sangam) at Madurai. Even today the Tamil Sangam has been doing much useful services. The tamil sangam was the testing ground for the tamil poets. Recognition by the tamil sangam was considered a tribute to one’s learning.
               The passage of time has not dimmed the glory of Madurai. The city’s connections with the past are still preserved. Its link with tradition is not broken. Madurai is a treasure-chest for the foreigner who is keen on knowing about the religious life and traditions of the Hindus. There are few such cities in India.
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