Incredible India : Darjeeling---The Queen of Hills

Darjeeling is a small hill-station in West Bengal, India. The city of Darjeeling is widely popular in the name of “Queen of the Hills”. Before the British administrators took control over India, the clusters of the hilly villages of Darjeeling were under the Nepal and Sikkim administrations. In the mid-nineteenth century, during the British rule in India, Darjeeling grew in importance because of its wonderful climatic conditions and the beautiful nature. The British rulers established a hill station in Darjeeling by taking it in lease from the Chogyal (i.e., king) of Sikkim.

Years later, they discovered that the entire Darjeeling region was ideal for tea plantations. Hence they turned this place a tea-gardening hub and the famous Darjeeling tea processing industry was set up. In 1849, the British annexed this place and Darjeeling became a part of British India. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway was opened in 1881. This railway has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The British’s turned Darjeeling as the de-facto summer capital of India while governing the country from Calcutta---the British capital of India. This is the brief history of this world famous Himalayan vacation destination in India—A world famous vacation leisure spot, the peaceful travelers put on their top preference.

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