Bar With Sexy Mermaid Aquarium

A mermaid tealh bar opened in Sacramento, Calif., latethis month. Bar - named Dive Bar - home aquarium, a length of 40 feet, with a 7,500-gallon water where you will find some fish exotic and some mermaids. Tank that weighs 150.000 pounds (update:. it seems like figure one source) without water and 50 tons
with water, will be the largest aquarium in the nightlife world.

The owner George Karpaty said he uses his experience to open Ruby Skye's award winners and four other Bay Area nightclubs to create a unique design element to his latest project. in gourmet pizza restaurant, Pizza Rock, the DJ will play music from a retro Mack truck that seems to break through the ceiling of 15 meters in

"I think this is the most creative projects we've ever done. Period," said Karpaty. "Things revolutionary."

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