10 Storage World's Greatest Treasure

1.VOC Treasure, Indonesia

Apparently there's a treasure in Jakarta lho. Mystery treasure this VOC khabarnya located on the island of Onrust supposedly able to pay the amount all debts Indonesiaa. Wow .. all of the truly remarkable. The island lies the Onrus is in Jakarta Bay. and was located simply by us-all of us that is only three hours from Muara Karang using a motor boat. For those who live in housing Estuary Karangboleh follow-up was a treasure hunt this. Place these days The Netherlands is the busiest places who, the entry of the ship after colonize from other cities in Indonesia. Myth treasure VOCs in Onrust island comes from the peculiarities in their history, a
institution as large and as strong as the VOC trade suddenly bankrupt suddenly. Many people believe that the VOC will not go bankrupt but his wealth is hidden, it appears this was the mythical treasure.

2.Yamashita Treasure, Filipina

Yamashita treasure is the treasure that was plundered by Japanese troops during World War II, located in a Bay in the Philippines. many people believe it will have treasure in this place, just because of the situation and
surrounding conditions are not the same has been much longer, this treasure hard to find anymore.

3.The Lost City - Atlantis

Google Ocean connection technology of Google Earth has been found sesuati that ordinary humans can not find the Lost City, Atlantis with Coordinates: 31 15? 15.53N 24 15? 30.53W. The city is located approximately 620 miles off the coast of northwest Africa, near the Islands Canaries in the Atlantic Ocean. According to the Greek philosopher, Plato, the existence Atlantis around 9000 years ago and is a city that is very forward. Its territory covers an area of ​​Asia to Libya, with luxurious palaces of abundant gold and silver. Atlantis is places its best soil and climate in the World. But then, Plato writing, Atlantis was defeated in war by other tribes and cities It was destroyed by its enemies.

4.Treasure of Lima, Peru

This treasure trove of revolutionary war started occurring in Lim (capital of Peru) in 1820. Therefore war is not keaddan Five secure the city government decided to move the property his city to the country of Mexico to be safe. Property consists dar batupbatu precious jewels, chandeliers and two statues Mary holding Jesus' human-sized amount. The total property is valued at U million (approximately USD 600 billion) a an unusually large amount of the era. Sangking number, property must be loaded in 11 ships and commanded by Captain
William Thompson, who menahkodai Ship Mary Dear.

But Capt. William Thompson is a former robber then turned once the ship set sail, Captain William launched
action by killing the people of Peru who guard the treasure and threw his body overboard. Then it was taken and buried treasure on the island of Cocos. Then the gang split up and hide the plan will come out of hiding when things felt safe. will but it turns out they were caught and all the conspirators were hanged. William Thompson and a trust was forced to show location concealment of property, but they will flee en route to
Cocos Island,. Until now the treasure was never found. Ore than 300 expeditions have conducted a search, but failed. Hence arose the suspicion that the property not hidden in the Cocos Islands, but on an island not
known in Central America.

5.The Ark of The Convenant , Jerusalem

This treasure trove of the ark in the Bible which is the a container made ​​of gold that reads "10 Commandments" otherwise it is said the Prophet Moses also said the stick inside the box it. until now these treasures is a mystery.

6.Blackbeards Treasure, caribbean island

Famous robber, the Black Beard, aka Blackbeard, successfully collect the spoils in just 2 years (1716-1718).
When Spain was busy looking for gold and silver in Mexico region and South America, Blackbeard and his accomplice robbed the results their search.

Vicious pirate known as Blackbeard who are smart and operate in around the West Indies and Atlantic coast in North America, with headquarters mainly in the Bahamas and North Carolina. He caught in November 1718 by British Lieutenant Robert Maynard and then hanged, but the booty was not found until the Now playing. treasure trove allegedly hidden in the Caribbean, Chesapeake bay, and in caves who terdpt in the Cayman Islands.

7.Pharaohs Missing Treasure, Egypt

In 1922, Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamen in the Valley dining The King (Valley of the Kings), Egypt, and he was very fascinated by the grandeur of artifacts found in the tomb of the king who the young page. around eat it there are many gems as well batu2 artefak2. So many, to the point that he took 10 years for
create a catalog of these treasures. But the treasures is not found during excavations at the other end makam2 Pharaoh 19th century, eat-the tomb was found empty within a state without valuables.

It is certain that the treasure was looted by robbers will eat but people believe that it is impossible robber spend all these treasures. Then where exactly Pharaoh's treasure is hidden? Some experts suspect the treasure was taken by the priests who conduct the funeral of the dynasty Kings of Egypt who the 20 th and the 21 (years 425-343 BC) in the Valley of the Kings but no one knows for sure and they are confident that once mystery disappearance in the tomb of the Pharaoh's treasure will unfold over with the groove.

8.Montezumas Treasure, Meksiko

On July 1, 1520 there was a massacre of the Aztecs in Mexico launched by orang2 Spain led by Hernando
Corts. He managed to kill the Emperor Montezuma but Hernando Corts and his troops were surrounded by Aztec warriors who were angry, in the capital Tenochtitln. After fierce fighting for several days, Corts ordered his troops to collect the most treasure Montezuma valuable and took him away. But they have not so far away
themselves, they successfully pursued and dibanti by Aztec troops on the lake Tezcuco. Rest of the troops who left immediately dispose of spoils mrk then walked away. A year later came back with Corts more troops to take back property that had failed seized. But they never found the treasure again. Until now these treasure seekers still busy looking for Aztec relics around the city Tenochtitln TSB who have now renamed Mexico City

9.King Solomons Treasure, Jerusalem

Sacred artifacts artifacts looted by the Romans from the Temple of Jerusalem and allegedly hidden in the dome-jybag at the Vatican, Italy. this artifact regarded as the greatest treasure the Bible like a silver trumpet
Coming of Messiah that would signal, horn, and gold candles others.

After a decade, archaeologists Dr. Kensley for the first time merekontruksikan route treasure and the treasure he has leaving the Romans in the 5th century to Carthage, Constantinople, and Algeria before its final destination in the wilderness of Judea

10.The Amber Room, Rusia

This treasure of a room measuring 11 feet square, consisting of large-sized wall panel2 several tons of stone inlaid Amber rara avis, a large cermin2 antecedent side who made ​​rom the leaves made of gold, and four Florentine Mosaic rara avis beautiful. Arranged in three levels, the room they will be inlaid permata2 reply priceless. In it are stored the various collections of art objects Prussia and Russia made ​​the most precious. the room is made by King Friedrich I of Prussia to are sympathetic. Russian Czar, Peter the Great pd in 1716.

Amber Room is located in Katherine's Palace, near St. Petersburg. Petersburg estimated to be worth US2 million (approximately more than Rp 1.5 trillion). time Hitler with his Nazi invaded Russia. However, such attempts fail. When the Nazis devastated Leningrad (now named St. Petersburg) in October 1941, they took it and moved it to the Palace Knigsberg during wartime. When Knigsberg surrendered in April 1945, room Amber disappeared, No one who knows for sure about the fate of TSB room.
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