Valuable as grand as the Palace Cruise Ship 700 Million Pounds

Super-rich people can buy the most expensive private BOAT in the world - Monaco Yacht Thumbnail floating palacelength of 500 feet Monaco yacht costing £ 700 millionmonaco country with vitur landmarks, including the Monte Carlo Casino andracetrack.

The ship is for those who wish to stay in sitana monaco,Monaco Grand Prix with the song-inspired go-kart zooming throughcomplex tunnel walk around deck.

The super-ship is the brainchild of Derbyshire-based Island Yacht Design and, if built will change the boat industry.Company director Rob McPherson said: "This is basicallya floating city. "We want to demonstrate our capabilities andattract people's attention - which I hope will succeed ".
"Gp circuit The circuit is just is the background idea of ​​Monacofloating. "This is intended to market a very unique and we designyacht with a specific theme. "

"Everyone wants to automotive design with a particular style at this pointbut we want to do something a little different. "" It's kind ofcruises can be for individuals but there is also a charter market that could interested. "
The center of the ship is remarkable is the Atrium, which connects the upper and lower living room.
It has seven guest suites, which include a reception room, bathroom, dressing room, bedroom and balcony.

The Streets of Monaco can accommodate 16 guests and 70 crew members and will cost tens of millions of pounds to run every year.

Multi-billionaire owner will benefit from the main apartment spread over three floors, and at 4800 square feet is the size a luxurious penthouse. And although only at the design stage, The Streets of Monaco will also be
exceeds the price tag, £ 665million will reportedly be paid by Roman Abramovich for his yacht Eclipse.

At 500 feet, it's 25 feet shorter than the super yacht ownedChelsea-but he must be impressed by status symbolsfloating. Rob added: "The theme of the design called for a unique cruise ship reflect the style and sophistication of a high culture is. ""We wanted to create an environment that is truly unique to take the principle of Monaco into the sea. "

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