Pelayan - Pelayan Seksi Di Cafe LU

Lu Cafe is a cafe that somewhat strange and gokil. Because hmapir all waiters are pretty wanita2 model class
Lu's Cafe is a cafe located in Santa Ana, California, United States. has a unique characteristic in pampering its customers in addition to providing a variety of drinks ranging from tea, coffee, until smoothies, it also provides a waitress beautiful women and sexy with clothing which is very minimal.
Appear in serving guests Cafe Lu servants there are only wearing underwear only, some are wearing sports clothing a sexy and wearing high heels, and their servants always serve the guests in terms of serving coffee, and also pour tea into your glass.

Every waiter at Cafe LU has its own in accordance with the dress code wore. Each waiter has its own description of the their clothing, such as Bra Tops, bustiers, corset, Spandex, Mini Skirt, and so forth.
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