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The Race Course
An important place located in the central part of udagamandalam. usually horse races is conducted in summer season, from April to June. The main reason Behind the time of occurrence of this sport event is that, In summer due to vacation and to enjoy the cool climate people use to come large in numbers.

Upper Bhavani
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This spot is at a distance of 60 km form ooty. But from avalanche it is some what nearer at a distance of 20 km. Unlike other places of ooty this is spot is filled with undisturbed wild Habitat. Trekking the valleys from Bhangithappal via Sispera is an immersive pleasure.

Western Catchments
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Distance of this place from ooty is about 20 km. Beautiful and eye-catching place consisting of meadows down the valley. The depression a point of this valley is fully occupied by grasses offering a green carpet as a symbol of country’s Green Revolution. A Nice hunt for cameras.

 Kandal cross
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It is a Roman catholic church. The cross in every Roman Catholic Church is believed to have the same power as the cross, in which Jesus Christ was crucified. This was brought in the period apostle’s empire. Every Friday special prayers are been reformed.

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The Museum
A very beautiful collection of rare thing could be seen in this museum. It was established in the year 1989. Some important preserved things in this museum are kuruinji flowers, rare insects, timber, stone sculptures, Bronze sculptures, model of toda’s residential places (huts) and more. The curator of museums maintains this museum.
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