Here's Longest Ice Road In Europe

Stretched along 26 miles of the frozen Baltic Sea region, an ice road will be opened that will connect Rohukula in Estonia with islands of Hiiumaa.

"The toll road will be open ice a few more years, when winter enough to make the frozen sea impassable to cars, "said Raido Randmaa administration of highway Estonia.

"Under a special law, the government could open the lamp Estonia green for the way this ice when ice thickness reaches 25 cm, "says Randmaa, as reported by AFP on Monday (2/21/2011).
The government has always been to supervise the security, patrols were deployed to monitor the ice.
"The bridge of ice is usually crowded on weekends. A rule imposed is a cars allowed on the ice road
The only one to two minutes, and distance with the car front are not too close, so that ice does not crack, "he continued. Only nature knows how long the longest ice road in Europe will survive. In 2010, the ice roads were maintained for 11 day in February. 

Compared with the ferry service, ice road will shorten time to Hiiumaa, the second largest island in Estonia, which took time over two hours to the capital of Estonia. But with the streets of ice This just spent half an hour.
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