Heart Reef romantic places in Australia

Here in St. Paul's doing a chill so boring that I swear I'm dying to enjoy a beach, a sun, a warmth ... If you also enjoy sea and sun, have a perfect hint! Imagine a heavenly place, with sand so white it seems to snow and water so blue that blends with the sky. It seems that I invented, right? But this place exists, yes. And it is in Australia. More precisely Withsunday Coast, an archipelago of 74 beautiful islands, which lie in the heart of a barrier reef.

However, more perfect than this place looks, it also has a little problem: it takes sooo long to know all the islands in the bay! More than a year at least. But that's okay, it's worth! We give this to the few beauties (a great excuse to go there several times, go!)

This region is preserved because it is surrounded by national parks that are home to a wide variety of animals and plants. But this place has a thing (which I discovered and I'm dying to know personally) that is Heart Reef, discovered in 1975. It's so cute! It is a heart-shaped coral! Yes, really! And look I'm not giving heed to my romantic side yet.

The best way to see this work of nature is doing a tour by plane or helicopter. This flight is a little expensive. Range between $ 240 and $ 425 per person. But it is sensational! Want to see one? Take a peek at this video. I'm sure it will hit that urge to know this paradise! I'm already almost packing my bags!
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